Tuesday 15 December 2015

Siblings - December 2015

Joining in with the last "Siblings" Photography Project for 2015. I love watching Big Sister's and Little Brother's relationship during the last year.
It has now been a year some Little  Ladybug was given the title of "Big Sister". She has moments of wanting Baby Brother to leave her toys alone but majority of the time she loves having her Baby Brother around. She calls him "My Bubba" and often says "He is just TOO cute!". 
Baby Brother loves his Big Sister. He often is found chasing after his sister. If she is playing with a toy he wants to play with it. If I am giving him a bath without his Sister, he gets very upset and will yell her name. Big Sister wants to be a "Super Hero" and she is definitely her Baby Brother's Super Hero.
I love that they have each other to lean on for support and experience life together. Baby Brother is trying to learn to walk and Big Sister has been holding his hands and encouraging him. She claps the loudest of any of us when he takes a couple assisted steps toward Mommy or Daddy.  

When Big Sister is at nursery, Little Sister enjoys playing with Big Sister's toys and extra cuddles from Mommy but after a couple hours he starts repeating Big Sister's name. He says her name more than he says "Da da" or "Ma Ma". I am so thankful everyday that they have each other. 

2015 Collection of Photos (Started Posting in March 2015)

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