Tuesday, 17 January 2017

The Home Life Project - January 2017

Joining Clare from Maybush Studio with her "The Home Life Photography Project - January".  This monthly photography project involves documenting your daily life for one day per month.

DATE: Saturday, January 14th, 2017

This month is focused on recovering from Christmas season and preparing for Little Ladybug's birthday. My beautiful and brave girl is turning five years old this month. Our Saturday started with a filming a video together about some of the party supplies for her upcoming birthday party. We had no plans for the day and so it was a purely a day to relax around our home. My children have no issue finding activities to keep the busy around the house. They spent the morning dancing to music, finding uneaten Christmas candy, rearranging the decorations on our New Years' tree, and watching tv while sitting on their balance bikes. Afternoon activities included looking through my jewellery and makeup in the bathroom and discovering the magic of static electricity. Little Ladybug soon found random pieces of paper to create a "troll". It was day filled with laughter and relaxation. We definitely need a "no plans" weekend day at least once a month. 
"My Super Hero"

Monday, 16 January 2017

Little Learners Book Collection - Parragon Books Review

There was very exciting news at Parragon Books the beginning of 2017 with the relaunch of the Little Learners book collection for babies and toddlers. This refresh imprint of books continues the tradition of creating books that encourage learning and creates special bonding moments between children and parents. 

Little Boy and I were extremely excited to be chosen to review a very special Little Learners Book Buddies Box filled with five adorable new books. Little Boy loved opening the box and unwrapping the purple tissue paper to discover these books. 
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The titles that we were sent were: Mummy and Baby; I Can Say Please; Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star; Incy Wincy Spider; and Cow Says Moo. All these books encourage exploring with touch and illustrated with very calming colours. 

Sunday, 15 January 2017

2017 The Sibling Portrait Project at Ladybug Home

We are joining for a 3rd year of the "The Sibling Portrait Project" that was originally created by Lucy of Dear Beautiful. I am excited that a couple new co-hosts have joined the team including Donna from What the Redhead Said. On the 15th of each month, I join a group of bloggers to document the very special relationship between brothers and sisters. This also creates a visual timeline of how quickly our children are growing up.

Search #SiblingsProject on Twitter and Instagram or follow @siblings_photos on Instagram to view the monthly collection of photos.

The Me and Mine Project

This photos were taken on Christmas Eve. Can you tell that they are a little excited? They could hardly keep from moving all day. The last month has been filled with Little Brother's 2nd Birthday, first Nativity (Big Sister a "Star") at school and preparing for Christmas. We did a few videos for Vlogmas but this year was quite different with Big Sister at school. Little Brother was back with me full-time during the weekdays due to childminder taking another job. I missed have Big Sister around during the day to help prepare for Christmas but I got to take Little Brother on some Christmas themed outings. Little Brother is definitely challenging what he is allowed and not allowed to do. He loves running around town and will normally not stop until he is tired or a gingerbread man is offered. He is also loves water! He will ask for his water bottle to be filled but most of the time it means very little drinking and instead pouring it on the table or sometimes toys. His most mischievous moment this month was when he used a baking sheet with raised edges to create a water puddle on the carpet in the living room. He then stepped in it with socks on and proceed to jump up and down while laughing hysterically. Big Sister thought it was very funny. Big Sister does blame her Little Brother for naughty behaviour at times.  

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Factivity Robots and Gadgets - Parragon Books #Review

We have been Parragon Book Buddies for over a year now and we have enjoyed reviewing many interesting books. In December, we were sent a brand new book called Factivity Robots and Gadgets that was released on January 3rd, 2017. The recommended age is 5-8 years.
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Monday, 2 January 2017

Weekly Life Updates 2017 on Ladybug Home YouTube

During Summer 2016, I decided to start filming weekly "life updates" for the Ladybug Home YouTube Channel. These weekly life updates were a chance to take a few minutes each week to record what had happen the past week around our home, share some of our family adventures, and interesting new discoveries (books, strollers, artwork, etc.) I am always grateful when friends stop by to watch these updates but also know that my mother loves watching them. Life can get very busy and I don't always have uninterrupted time to talk to my parents each week. This is great way to share life moments with them.

Friday, 16 December 2016

Festive Yarn Snowman for #CraftsWithWynsors

One of our favourite activities during the festive Christmas season is crafting new decorations for the home. We always adding new Christmas themed decorations to our collection each year but I also love creating decorations that can be used after Christmas within a "winter theme". That is the reason that we decided to create a new snowman this year. We were sent some adorable kids slippers from Wynsors and a box of craft supplies.

My daughter was really excited to receive some Spiderman slippers and little boy loves his Paw Patrol slippers. The really soft fabric stretches with their feet but my favourite part is the rubber soles. These slippers keep their feet warm after school while crafting but also the rubber soles keep them from slipping while running around the house. Both my children had no issues putting them on once they took off their outdoor shoes after school. In the box was also darling reindeer with all the ingredients for hot chocolate. My children love mini marshmallows!

Thursday, 15 December 2016

2016 The Sibling Portrait Project at LadyBug Home

In 2016, we will be joining in for another year with the "The Sibling Portrait Project" that was created by Lucy of Dear Beautiful. On the 15th of each month, I join a group of bloggers to document the very special relationship between brothers and sisters. This also creates a visual timeline of how quickly our children are growing. My favourite photos are of the first photo of a baby joining a family and sometimes promoting an only child to "Big Sister" or "Big Brother".

Search #SiblingsProject on Twitter and Instagram or follow @siblings_photos on Instagram to view the monthly collection of photos.

The Me and Mine Project
This is the last month of Sibling Project for 2016. This is the 2nd year that we have participated in the Siblings Project but this year I decided to keep all the photos together in one blog post. Big Sister and Little Brother have both experience some big milestones this this year but Little Brother is a completely different boy from 12 months ago.

Almost a year later, Little Brother is able to walk but would rather run free around town. He is no longer interested in sitting in the stroller watching the world pass by. He wants dash around looking in every shop and making people smile at his cheeky grin. He has a full set of teeth that he loves to brush. He is able to express wants and his thoughts. I was always amazed when Big Sister started talking but Little Brother is even more advised at a little over 2 years old. Until recently, it was Big Sister that was making sure he did not get hurt or in trouble but now Little Brother is often the person screaming the loudest for Big Sister to "stop running" or to come back. He gives her hugs when she is sad and her biggest fan. He loves washing the dishes and feeding your food. If he hears music playing, he will start dancing even if it is in the middle of the grocery store. He loves slides as much as Big Sister and is fearless like her.

Big Sister has reached the huge milestone of going to school. She continues to adjust well to the new routine but is looking forward to the Christmas holidays. She loves running as super hero and making her Little Brother laugh. She is starting to read words and knows how to spell a couple too. She always wants to wear matching clothes as her Little Brother. She was big helper at her Little Brother's birthday party and made sure he could open his gift. She would make a whole in the wrapping paper and then give the present to Little Brother to rip open.

Big Sister and Little Brother were very brave when they moved home this last month. They love their new joint bedroom and love having all their toys in one room to play with. In the past, Little Brother would always want to be playing with exactly what Big Sister was playing with but no longer. These days they are often in the same room but playing with different toys. There are moments of fighting and they are both learning how to control their anger or frustration but most of the time they are kind to each other. We have the excitement of Christmas and then it is 2017! A new year with new adventures!


Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Creating Christmas Wreath with Duck Tape UK

When I growing up, I remember on several occasions when my Father would grab and tear by hand some duck tape to fix a whole in a tarp or water hose. There were always several rolls of this silvery grey adhesive tape sitting on my Father's work bench in garage. In the last few years,  I started to notice new colours and prints available as part of the Duck Tape Family. This newer range has the quality and durability that the original silvery grey tuck tape but opens a whole new world of crafting opportunities.

I was trilled when contacted if I would be interested in creating a Christmas wreath by using some the Duck Tape products. This durable self-adhesive and versatile tape makes a perfect solution for outside Christmas wreaths and decorations.
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