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Share the Joy Monthly Linkup - February 2018

Welcome to Share the Joy Monthly Linkup for February. Thank you for everyone that joined us in December 2017. If you this is your first time visiting this linkup, Share the Joy is the happiness-focused linky.  Bloggers, writers, artists, poets, if creating something made you laugh out loud, opened your heart, raised your spirits or just made you smile – you’re welcome here.

A huge 'Thank You' to Lizzie and Carol for hosting the last couple month of 2017. They have decided to focus on other projects in 2018 but I am sure will be linking up in the future. Amanda from The Family Patch and I have made the decision that this linky will be monthly instead of the weekly as previously. This will allow us to spend more time focusing on reading the linked up blogs posts and sharing with our readers or followers on social media. On the 1st of every month, please stop by here at LadyBug Home to linkup.
January was a month filled with lots of small moments of joy and taking the time to think about what myself and family focus will be in 2018. My family goals still need a new defining but I decided on January 1st that I wanted to be more focused and productive this year. I often find my thoughts bouncing from one goal or project to other without making proactive progress on any goal or not recognising the progress. 

There is two ways that I have changed my mindset about my goals this month. The first way was to use my new 2018 diary to record every day moments of joy or thoughts of gratefulness but also to make notes of small tasks that I accomplished each day. Some days it could be big accomplishments like completely my taxes but other days just something as simple as a load of laundry. Most of big goals for this year will take hundreds of small tasks to completely and sometimes hard to see if any progress was being made. By making sure to write down small accomplishments, I found that I would wake up the morning filled with more positivity about the previous day and motivated to keep moving forward of goals or life projects. I would also make notes of ways I was grateful or moments of joy that happened during the day. One of my favourite moments of joy was when I walked home one night in the dark holding my youngest hand and listening as he talked way about all kinds of topics.  I captured those moments that I want to remember in the future and on those days when life seemed to hard to keep moving forward. 
The second way that I made to my goals mindset was to decided that I need to focus on ONE big goal or life project each month. We all have limitation on time but I find that spend lots of time bouncing from one life project to another and never feeling that I am accomplishing anything. I gave myself permission to focus on one project and move other projects to another month. 

I decided that January would be focused on "Project Declutter".  I truly believe that I spend too much time cleaning and searching for needed items in my home due to the disorganisation and clutter in my home. The first week of January, I started with unpacking boxes and sorting through my craft supplies. The next big project was the children's room. I spent 4 days sorting through toys and rearranging the room. I created an artwork display and reinstated books areas. The result is that my children are able to find their favourite toys easier and even know exactly where to put the toys away after playing. My youngest has been found several times alone in the bedroom looking through books this last month which never happened before January. I have found that I am feel more joy when playing with them in their room because I am not overwhelmed with toys or surrounded by mess.

In the past I have felt quilt almost every day about tasks that I have not accomplished or how I may have fallen behind on goal but this month I have written down which month I will focus certain project. February focus is "New Income Streams" and March is going to be "Blogging and Social Media". By knowing that March will be the month that I will re-start or create momentum on my blogging journey it allows me to stop worrying or feeling the guilt I have felt in the past. Of course, I will continue to work on "Project Declutter" throughout the year but it will be in small amounts and I can feel that I have given a big start and not such a big task now.  

How have you found "Joy" this last month? Have you started accomplishing your 2018 goals and how is that making your feel? 

Please visit The Family Patch to read Amanda's Share the Joy post this month. She is sharing what has been happening in our life in January.


Share the Joy is the happiness-focused linky.  Bloggers, writers, artists, poets, if creating something made you laugh out loud, opened your heart, raised your spirits or just made you smile – you’re welcome here.

1) Link up a creation that has brought you JOY – all genres are welcome, new or old favourites and as many links as you like!

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Monday, 18 December 2017

Joy of Christmas - Share the Joy Linky

As we are counting down to the last couple days before Christmas, we wanted to "Thank you" everyone for linking up the last couple months on our "Share the Joy" linky. Amanda, Carol, Lizzie and I wish you a very Merry Christmas. 
This week, I am hosting the Share the Joy Linky! Thank you everyone that linked up their Share The Joy posts over at Virtually All Sorts last week.


Monday, 4 December 2017

Joy of Christmas Decorations - Share the Joy Linky

Hello December! I love Christmas. I have many happy memories in past Decembers involving celebrating birthdays, yummy food, cheerful Christmas decorations and family fun. We got our Christmas tree last week so it was time to pull out the Christmas boxes from under the stairs. I love re-discovering Christmas items that I have forgotten in the last year but I think the person that was most excited was my daughter. Very quickly my living room floor was covered in Christmas decorations, craft supplies, and Christmas cards. I had forgotten how many Christmas craft kits I purchased the last couple years. I have decided on a new goal that this year we are going have hours of crafting fun and use up the craft supplies so very little is put back in storage at the end of the Christmas season. We will enjoy buying a few next craft kits next year.
My truly special ornaments (or babbles) are still stored in the USA at my parents home. In the next couple years when my children are a little older and less likely to pull the glass ornaments off the tree, I will have the "Christmas box" sent to England. Our current tree decorations are made up of plastic metallic and glitter ornaments with a few bead garlands. My daughter has handmade felt ornaments for her tree and Little Brother has inherited handmade wooden planes that were made by my father and grandfather before I was born.

Sunday, 3 December 2017

1st UK Real Christmas Tree with Pines and Needles, St Albans - Review

We have started a new UK Christmas tradition this year by introducing my children to the magic of real Christmas trees. We travelled this week on a cold and dark night to our local Pines and Needles Christmas tree store in St Albans, Hertfordshire. We were invited by the marketing team of Pines and Needles to visit store and pick out a tree.
My first real Christmas tree was given to me when I was only 2 days old. I have many happy childhood memories of travelling with my grandparents or parents to the local Christmas tree farm to pick out tree for my bedroom in Oregon, USA. We would always have beautiful main tree that my mother would cover with thousands of lights and delicate glass ornaments but my siblings and I would always have a Christmas tree also in our room with our personal collections of decorations.

Monday, 27 November 2017

Joy of Wintery Nights - Share the Joy Linky

Thank you everyone that linked up last week in the Share the Joy post here at Ladybug Home. Loved reading the festive posts and several clever handmade gift items. I was thinking of titling this blog post, "Joy of Mince Pies" because it my children's favourite treat this past week. I really love wintery nights and being cosy at home with warm cup of tea or some hot chocolate. It has been so cold lately in England and definitely winter has come. My daughter has asked for snow for Christmas and that certainly could be a possibility based on how cold it has been the last couple weeks.
We have been walking around the toy shops and creating a list in my head or by taking photos on my phone of toys or items that my children seem to show interest in. Santa is still not sure what he is bring my children this year. Since both my children were born within a month of Christmas, there is plenty of gifts to be purchased in the near future. I keep sneaking items into the closest under the stairs and luckily my daughter has not peaked in there yet.

Monday, 20 November 2017

Joy of Thankfulness - Share the Joy Linky

On Thursday, November 22nd, 2018 is Thanksgiving in the USA will be a day is filled with lots of food, checking out the Black Friday deals, and visiting with Family and Friends. Most importantly it is day dedicated to think about what you thankful about. I have many reasons to be thankful but below are a couple of my top reasons. 


1) FAMILY - I am so grateful to have two beautiful children and supportive husband. I am blessed with caring parents and in-laws whom always are creating magical moments for my children. My parents send boxes filled with yummy treats, clothes and decorative items. My mother-in-law always send us home from Sunday Lunches with baby wipes for the children and dark chocolate for "Dad & Mum".


Saturday, 18 November 2017

Organizing For Your Lifestyle: Adaptable Inspirations from Socks to Suitcases by Jane Stoller - Book Review

In the last year, I have read quite of few online editorial articles about the benefits of decluttering your home, mind and life. Our home is a very typical home that is filled with too many toys, clothes and general stuff. I do believe that one of the best ways of creating positive changes in my family and my life is to look at ways to improve our home environment. A more organised home have many benefits including less time searching for items and less clutter to sort constantly. 

When I received an email offering to receive a copy of Jane Stoller's book titled "Organizing For Your Lifestyle: Adaptable Inspirations from Socks to Suitcases", I was very interested to reading. From a very young age, Jane had a passion from organising her possessions and storage options as an adult. 

This books if filled with interesting information about the science behind the stress behind disorganisation and how changing your lifestyle to be more organised can benefit your life. Some of the benefits expressed by Jane include: healthy eating; more likely to exercise; sleep better in clean sheets; improved finances and improve relationships with partner. 

Jane has travelled and lived around the world and often with limited closest space. Jane shares some very practical ways to organise your closet including examples of storage options that can be purchased from several major retailers. She provides some helpful advice when it comes to hangers and how important invest in the appropriate hangers for your garments. She suggested black velvet wire hangers because they don't require lots of space and your clothes will not slip off. 
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