Monday, 16 October 2017

Joy of Dancing - Share the Joy Linky

This week's 'Share the Joy' theme is Dancing. We are days away from half-term school break and everyone in my home is tired. The weather keeps fluctuating from warm to cold and we all fighting off the sickness bugs that we are constantly getting exposed too. So must say that we are not the most cheerful household these days. On those tough days when it just seems life is just to hard there is one way that always brings laughter and smiles back into to our lives... dancing.  


Monday, 9 October 2017

Joy in Autumn - Share the Joy Linky

Hello October! I love when the leaves start changing colours because it means that the next couple months are going to be filled with hot seasonal drinks and festive decorations. I have many fond childhood memories of heading to the Pumpkin Patch to find that perfect pumpkins for Halloween Night. My mother would make the most magical handmade costumes each year. These days, I love brainstorming with my daughter costume ideas and designs for pumpkin carving.  Time for cosy jumpers and the nights to get longer.
After Halloween, I start to looking forward to Thanksgiving dinner the end of November and my favourite month of December. There is birthday celebrations (December & January) to focus on and the magic of the Christmas season. This last week, we have jumped in many piles of leaves and enjoyed sunny cool days.

What do you enjoy about Autumn?  


Monday, 2 October 2017

Joy of Inspiration - Share the Joy

The theme that last week was being inspired and "Sisterhood is Power". On Monday, September 25th, my dear friend Lisa from First Mummies Club and I headed to the Mums Enterprise Roadshow. This was the 4th Mums Enterprise Roadshow and first time in London. I signed up last May 2017 when I thinking about how in September I needed to focus on looking for ways to make additional income. I was thrilled when my friend Lisa told me that she was also going to this event also. The Mums Enterprise Roadshow is a "child-friendly work and business exhibitions helping mums on a mission whether that be retraining, finding flexible work, starting up or growing a business." I attended this show to learning more about other mother entrepreneurs' business journey and be inspired to take some of my personal projects to the next step.
I spent most of the day sitting in informative workshops. One of my favourite sessions were the "Marketing Made Easy" with Nicola Huelin founder of mPower Mastermind Groups who "mission is to empower one million mums to help them build a successful business around the family life they love!"  

Monday, 25 September 2017

Joy with Every Stitch - Share the Joy Linky

Majority of the time my days are filled with focusing on keeping my children happy and safe or thinking about ways to make money to release some financial pressure off my husband and myself.  Although this past week, I have been taking some time to focus on one of my favourite hobbies of cross stitching. My mother creates beautiful pieces of embroidery with very complex stitches while cross stitching is my favourite past time. My first cross stitched piece was done as an art project in high school. I must admit that attention to detail was not my greatest strength while in high school so I would stitch the pattern during the day and then my mother would sweetly unstitch and fix the messy sections at night. I rediscovered and properly learned to cross stitch while my son was a baby and was a simple creative project while he napped. 

This week, I was inspired to create a Halloween themed cross stitch piece. I am not brave enough to design my own patterns yet so I often purchase a pattern from Etsy. This week's pattern was from RedBear Design.  I will normally purchase a pattern for the design instructions and then change the thread colours or alter the design a little bit. As I was working on the Halloween design, there was request by my husband and daughter to remove the skulls and replace with cheerful pumpkins.

I enjoy counting the stitches and watching as a design slowing appears with each stitch. My daughter loves coming home from school to see what new elements I completed while she was away. She sweetly asked me if I was going to sell my current cross stitch project but the answer is "no" and that is part of the joy.  I enjoy that there is no pressure to make the back of the cross stitch look perfectly neat and I often find that I have missed a stitch or created an accidental knot in the thread. I should finished this week and will update this post with a photo.  If you want to try cross stitching, comment below so I can give you some encourage and I would suggest subscribing to RedBear Club where you will get free patterns monthly. 


Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Gold Star Books for Back to School - Parragon Books Review

After 6 weeks of Summer Holidays, it was time to head to back to school for Big Sister (Year 1) and Little Brother to start regular Preschool. We were all very excited when Parragon UK sent us some Gold Stars books to give them a kick-start into the new school year.
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We received from the Gold Stars Collection, the “Wipe-Clean Numbers” book (3-5 years) and the “Big Workbook Handwriting” book (4-7 years). Big Sister instantly grabbed a pencil and started doing the exercises in the Handwriting book. This book is designed for Early Learning and KS1 level and starts with pencil control and shape exercises for those just starting to form letters.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Joy of Carefree Autumn Day - Share the Joy Linky

I am constantly amazed how quickly this year is flying by and that it is mid-September already. The last couple weeks have been filled with Big Sister heading back to school and Little Brother starting regular Preschool sessions. I always hope that we can extend warm summer days into the first couple weeks of September but unfortunately it is definitely feeling like Autumn. The leaves have been falling since the last couple weeks of August and now the house heating is on during the night (most of the time) to keep everyone warm and cosy.  I keep finding myself thinking preparing for Halloween and Christmas.

I am trying to cherish the couple years before Little Brother is attending full-time schooling so I felt zero guilt this week when I decided on Wednesday that Little Brother and I were going skip Preschool to spend an extra morning together. That morning, he was very cuddly while waiting for Big Sister's school doors to open and it was a sunny morning that seemed perfect for some exploring in town. Once I confirmed with Preschool that Little Brother would be not be in, we headed to the library. I needed to renew a couple books but also wanted to find some new phonic books to keep Big Sister interested in reading.


Friday, 25 August 2017

Space and Shape Cushions Review

One of the cheapest and easiest way that I reflect the changes in seasons in my home and brighten up my living room during rainy British winters is with decorative cushions. I am always looking for cushions that are durable to handle children jumping on them but also look stylish on my sofa.

I was delighted when Space and Shape contacted me to ask to review a couple of their cushions and add to my cushion collection.  For a huge selection of cushions, I choose the "Ask Cushion" and "Birdie Dearest Cushion"
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Thursday, 1 June 2017

2017 Disney Book Week - Tangled and Frozen Magic of the Northern Lights - Parragon Book Review

In honour of Disney Book Week from May 15th to June 11th, 2017, we were sent from the Disney Movie Collection the titles Frozen Magic of the Northern Lights released early 2017 and Tangled. We are very excited to add these books to our collection.
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