Monday 16 January 2017

Little Learners Book Collection - Parragon Books Review

There was very exciting news at Parragon Books the beginning of 2017 with the relaunch of the Little Learners book collection for babies and toddlers. This refresh imprint of books continues the tradition of creating books that encourage learning and creates special bonding moments between children and parents. 

Little Boy and I were extremely excited to be chosen to review a very special Little Learners Book Buddies Box filled with five adorable new books. Little Boy loved opening the box and unwrapping the purple tissue paper to discover these books. 
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The titles that we were sent were: Mummy and Baby; I Can Say Please; Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star; Incy Wincy Spider; and Cow Says Moo. All these books encourage exploring with touch and illustrated with very calming colours. 

Mummy and Baby is a book that encourages touch and explore. This book shows different baby animals with either their Mummy or Daddy. The book has rounded edges and thick durable pages.  On the back of each book is series of icon that highlights the key skills that the book hopes to encourage your child to learn.
This book encourages discovering new words, exploring the world, and sense of touch. Each page of the book including the cover has either raised shape or a shape has cut out to create indent in the image. My son loved touching the edges of the shapes and feeling the different elements.
I appreciated that there is not only Mummy animals but also Daddy animals featured. The animals are all shown in natural habitats and a couple with siblings. I could not pick a favourite page or animal. Also, love the little ladybug to spot on each page. 
I Can Say Please is a "peek-a-boo playbook". The book encourages children to use kind words and actions. Each page highlights a different situation and what words are needed. 
Not only does this book encourage politeness but there is the also the extra element of playing peek-a-boo with the animals. Each page has a circle cut-out that reveals the animal on the next page. Little Boy loved see a glimpse of an animal before turning the page. Examples of kind words illustrated include: "When I want to share, I say 'Please' " or "When someone helps me, I say 'Thank You' ".
I love the shape and design of this book. The curve top edge and cut-out animal shapes allow little hands to carry it really easily. The silhouettes of the animals at the top are adorable and when you turn the page you also see the backs of their heads. So clever and fun.
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star was quickly Little Boy's favourite book of collection because of the sound and lights. He immediately wanted to explore the different buttons. Each button creates a different sound but I will say the volume and length of music is just right. The music is very gentle and calming sound. The lights had some magic to the book.
The illustrations are mainly focused on a group of owls at night. The size is small enough to put in handbag or diaper bag. I am sure that Little Boy will love interacting with this book many times in the future. 
The Incy Wincy Spider book has an adorable soft finger puppet that wiggles through the book. This is the smallest of the books of the collection but perfect size for small hands.

This book follows the spider along this well-loved nursery rhyme. The soft spider puppet feels very durable and I am sure could handle little baby hands pulling on it or a few nibbles from teething babies. 

The last book that we are reviewing is Cow Says Moo. This book is designed with edges that are all different curves and shapes. Also the cut-out shape is ideal for little hands to hold on to book. Each page explores the different sounds that animals make.

We truly are enjoying this new books. There are all very durable and I am sure will be going on lots of stroller adventures and be read at bedtime many nights. If you would like to see Little Boy's and my initial reaction to the book collection then please watch her video review below.

We were sent this book as part Book Buddies Program with Parragon Books. All reviews are honest and my own words.

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