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When I was a little girl, my parents gave me the nickname of "Ladybug". When I thought of ideas for creative business adventures I wanted to use "LadyBug" in the title. The "Home" is definitely where my heart is and "Designs" is all the creative adventures that I have planned for the past and future. 

I married my British husband over 10 years ago and have moved to England for love.  I was born in Portland, Oregon in the USA and still dream of future holidays in my hometown.  I am very lucky to have a very supportive family and friends in Portland.

In January 2012, my husband and I were very honoured to meet our beautiful baby girl, Little LadyBug.  She has brought us endless amount of joy and happiness.  When I have a stressful or sad day, I only need a hug from my Little Ladybug and I know that everything will work out.

In December 2014, my beautiful Bumblebee Boy was born.  I am grateful everyday that I am his mother.

I always dreamed that when I had children that I would be able to have a small business so that I could stay-at-home with my children.  I became closer to this dream in the Summer of 2013 when I launched my Etsy and Ebay.co.uk business re-selling ribbon.  My husband has been very supportive as I continue to buy endless amount of ribbon, buttons, fabric, cabochons supplies and odds-ends.  My daughter has the title of "Product Tester".  Little Ladybug can often be found trying pulling my ribbons supplies around or dropping endless amount of buttons of floor to see if they will break.  She is my main bow model and she often inspires my ideas for future handmade items.

My other hobbies include my passion for interior design. I am currently studying an open-learning course from the KLC School of Design.

I am sure that this blog will be evolving and changing continuously but I look forward to the journey.

We are always looking for new opportunities to work with new brands and on new projects. Please contact me at ladybughome@gmail.com and visit our WORK WITH US page.

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  1. You are very brave to have moved over here from Portland from your family and friends but it seems you have made a new life for yourself with your husband and two dear children! I hope you get over to see you family soon or they come and visit you. You have a lovely blog and I look forward to your updates xxx


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