Thursday 15 October 2015

Siblings - October 2015

These days it very difficult to move fast enough to catch photos with Big Sister and Little Brother together. In the last month, Little Brother has learned how to crawl very fast. He is constantly on the move and is either chasing Mommy into the the kitchen or chasing after his Big Sister.

Little Brother's ability and wanting to play with his Big Sister has caused some issues. Big Sister is not very happy that her Little Brother wants to play (destroy) her Lego castles or play with her toys constantly. Their relationship continues to evolve. Big Sister is still very protective of her Little Brother when in public and it is not happy when other children try to touch him. She normally will give an unpleasant look and move her Little Brother away from the other child. 

Big Sister has adjusted to the fact that her "Big Girl Toys" have been moved to her room and out of the reach of her Little Brother. She does not want her Baby Brother to swallow her tiny toys so she has helped Mommy move most of her toys to her room. 

Big Sister is very excited for Christmas and her birthday in the New Year. She has been working on creating a list of items she would enjoy as Christmas presents and also picking out toys that she thinks her Baby Brother would like. Big Sister and Little Brother have been enjoying collecting conkers and playing in the leaves together this month. 

dear beautiful


  1. It's always interesting to see how siblings cope when the smaller one wants to play but isn't quite big enough for the the bigger ones toys #siblings

  2. So cute - what lovely photo's. Mine are the same age so no problem with this for us!! The squabbling is a little frustrating but right now (at 3) they seems good friends again! Jess xxx


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