Sunday 22 March 2015

{THE ORDINARY MOMENTS 15} Being Poorly and Skipping

I can not believe how quickly time flies but I must accept that I am mother of a 3 year old.  You are often warned of the "Terrible Twos" but I enjoyed the year Little Ladybug (LL) was 2.  My job situation changed and I got to spend more time with her.  She was my sweet and helpful little girl. She was very sweet and gave me lots of cuddles while my pregnancy. She loved talking to my "bump".  As her vocabulary increased in was enjoyable having conversations with her.  I loved she could express what she was thinking about.  She had fun baking, learning to use a scooter, and tea parties with Daddy.

Now Little Ladybug is 3 years old.  She has learned that she is allowed to say "no", she can choose to not do something and to fake cry.  She is still my sweet little girl but also can be very challenging.

This week, LL was "poorly".  She had a running nose but mostly just really tired and wanting to extra cuddles. She was not happy that her brother also needed to sit in mommy's lap for milk and cuddles. We had quite few moments of crying and being extremely upset.  She would often start crying before she even told me what she wanted. My ability be understanding and patient was challenged at moments.  Being extremely tired and overwhelmed with motherhood and blogging, it was hard to find moments of joy this week.

The ordinary moments of motherhood sometimes happen when we least expect it. The other night, I wanted to walk to the grocery store after my husband came home.  I had spent a "long" day trying to keep my daughter from bursting into tears.  I wanted a couple minutes to be able to just smell the fresh air and to be alone.  LL really wanted to come to the store also and I really wanted to say "no" but she asked me sweetly.  With the promise to be a "good girl" and to hold my hand the whole time, I said she could come with me.  As we started walk, she suddenly wanted to skip.  I have not skipped for years and barely remember how to do it but I suddenly I found the urge to skip.  She made me smile and realised that these are moments that I hope that she will remember not the tears earlier in the day.  I am sure the passing cars thought I was a little crazy but I did not care. My daughter had the biggest smile and I think was a little surprised that her mother knew had to skip.  I need to remember to skip and be silly with her more often.




  1. She sounds like a typical three year old - so sweet but with the tantrums and things too. I'm glad she went to the shop with you and you had that wonderful skipping moment to share x

  2. Ah we have a demanding almost 2 year old, so I feel your pain. I love that picture of them both on your knee, so cute! xx

  3. Such a lovely post, and gorgeous pictures.

  4. She sounds very much like my own LL, she also can be very challenging at times. But they are so sweet and just learning how to express their emotions. Gorgeous photos too. x

  5. Oh that made me smile! I love that she got you skipping down the street. I have a very trying 19 month old who has been going through Terrible Twos since she turned 1, so I totally understand how difficult it can be sometimes when they are just in a funny mood. Elsa seems to be calming down a lot now though so hopefully when she actually reaches 2 she will be nice and chilled out :)


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