Sunday 15 March 2015

Siblings - March 2015

This last month has been filled with lots of cuddles and smiles.  
  • Little Brother has been smiling and trying to talk to his sister.  He thinks she is very funny and loves to watch her play.  
  • Big Sister does not like it when her brother sleeps during the day so she is often found touching him to get to wake and play with her.  
  • Little Brother has discovered his hand and likes to put it in his mouth. 
  • Big Sister gets lonely at night and is often crawling into Mommy & Daddy's bed.  Even though the bed gets rather crowded, we have lots of fun in the morning laugh and playing before Daddy heads off to work.  
  • Big Sister can not wait until it gets warmer and she can take her Little Brother go into the backyard. Not happy this last month that Mommy will not allow them both to play outside for very long.  

dear beautiful


  1. Aaah so lovely — love the middle one of them! Little brother's smile could light up a room! #Siblings

    Caro |

    1. Thank you. You have a lovely blog. Will explore that when Little ones sleeping.


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