Wednesday 15 April 2015

Siblings - April 2015

April was filled with new adventures for "Big Sister" and "Little Brother".
  • Little Brother still thinks Big Sister is the funniest person in the room.
  • Big Sister has been very sweet this month by giving Little Brother some of her "baby" toys to chew and play with.
  • Little Brother is trying to roll-over and is trying to reach his Big Sister. He likes to touch her face.
  • Big Sister is very good at rubbing Little Brother's tummy when he has bubbles in it.
  • Little Brother celebrated his 4th Month Birthday with Big Sister.
  • Big Sister showed Little Brother how much fun it is to play in a cardboard box. 
  • Little Brother learned how to paint with his feet with the help of Big Sister.
  • Big Sister loved putting bunny ears on Little Brother.
  • Little Brother enjoys sitting in the big upholstered chair with Big Sister.
  • Big Sister helped Little Brother find Easter Eggs.   
  • Big Sister and Little Brother both love the song "Five Little Monkeys".

dear beautiful


  1. Ahh it's lovely when the younger one is small and sits watching the older one isn't it? I found that part so much easier than first time round - the older sibling almost becomes a help with baby!

  2. Aww bless! They're both absolutely adorable!!

  3. I love the photo of Big Sister and Little Brother together - definitely a good illustration for Little Brother thinking that Big Sister is the funniest person in the room :-)

  4. Awww such a cute photo looks like little brother adores his big sister x

  5. This is so lovely. It's nice to see siblings getting along and see that bond forming!


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