Monday 15 June 2015

Siblings - June 2015

I love my "Big Sister" because she ...
- is still so funny!
- makes me imaginary food and tea
- taught me how to go down the slide
- does not get upset when I chew her cuddly toys
- holds my hands when I have "bottom explosion" so I keep my hands clean
- carefully feeds me new foods and sometimes lets me lick her cookies
- is my Best Friend

I love my "Baby Brother" because he ...
- does not get upset when I push him over
- allows me to pick out my favourite cake to celebrate his 6-month birthday
- does not mind that I wake him up when he trying to take a nap
- loves going outside with me
- smiled at me when I was scared at the doctor's office
- plays "monkeys jumping on the bed" and always falls off before me
- is my Best Friend

I am so thankful that they love playing with each other.  "Little Brother" can now turn over very quickly and likes to try climbing off his sister's bed when Mommy is not looking. They took good care of each other when Mommy went to London for a couple of events.

dear beautiful

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  1. They are just the cutest together - she looks so full of love for him x


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