Sunday 15 November 2015

Siblings - November 2015

The Big Sister and Little Brother relationship continue to strengthen and evolve each month. This photo is one of our favourite new "siblings" photo because it was ordinary day that turned into a special moment when Big Sister and Little Brother got to sit next to each other and travel around the grocery store. Little Brother was smiling the whole time.

This last month, I have been thinking lots about a year ago at this time. Little LadyBug (LL) was not a "Big Sister" yet. She was very excited that Mommy's tummy was getting bigger and that she was able to feel her new brother or sister move but she was still an only child. I remember trying to cherish bedtime with her. It was very hard to cuddle her in my lap with my belly but I loved holding her tight.

So it has now been a little over 11 months since LL was given the "Big Sister" title and I could not feel more blessed. I am truly grateful that these two amazing little people have each other to experience life together. This past month, Big Sister and Little Brother have both experienced new adventures and reach some development milestones.
Big Sister this month conquered potty training. She has done an amazing job with the whole experience. I was worried that she would feel anxious about having an accident at school or when we were out in town but she has had no problems. She thinks it is fun to go off to the toilet with Mommy at a restaurant. She brought home her first homework this last week.  She has a new book bag from Preschool that has a special pen and board to practise writing her name and letters. She wants to practise writing almost everyday. I definitely think she will be writing her name before Christmas. We also had a tour of a possible school for next year. She was very brave as she wandered around with us and meet her possible new teacher. I am glad that we have another 10 months before I completely get emotional about my sweet girl heading school full-time. Big Sister wanted to go to her first firework display. It was loud and smoky. I think she prefers stay at home watching the fireworks in town from the bedroom window. Big Sister also showed her Little Brother how to trick-or-treat. He only went to a couple houses before Big Sister and I went around the neighbourhood knocking on doors.

Little Brother was a Minion for Halloween and Big Sister had to have a matching hat. Little Brother has also had a month filled with new adventures and learning new skills. He says "Mama", "Dada" and a version of Big Sister's name. He definitely is asking for his Big Sister when he says her name but does not always know the difference between "Mama" and "Dada". He is crawling up the stairs now. He is so fast! Big Sister has been helping us keep an eye on his stair climbing. She likes to follow behind him up the stairs to catch or encourage him to keep climbing but Daddy and I are always also following very closely. Little Brother loves to walk across the room pushing the chair or blocks box or baby walker. Often Big Sister is right there encouraging him and clapping when he gets to the chair or wall. He has three teeth! It is very helpful with his desire to eat everything that his Big Sister is eating but a little challenging or painful when breastfeeding.
Big Sister still can make Little Brother laugh the hardest and can always make him smile when he is sad. Big Sister enjoys making up stories for her Little Brother and is still very protective of her Little Brother. She refers to him as "My Baby" still when in public. There is has been lots of fun time together this last month but there has also been some tears. Little Brother is able to stand at the table or toy box now so he is able to grab pens from his Sister's hands or destroy her block castles. In frustration, Big Sister has been getting upset and not always the kindest to her Little Brother. There has been tears by both. Their relationship is still new and we are still learning how to deal with sibling issues also. Big Sister is expected not to hurt her Brother but then Little Brother does not understand to leave his Sister and her toys alone at times.
We are extremely honoured to watch this two children grow and experience life together. I am looking forward to Little Brother's birthday and Christmas when Big Sister will definitely be helping him open presents. So many new adventures ahead. Hope to see you visit again next month!
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  1. That minion photo! that is so sweet!
    Well done on the potty training, it's still happening over here :/


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