Tuesday 31 March 2015

Me & Mine: A Family Portrait Project 2015 - March

This is our first month we are taking part in the Me & Mine - Family Portrait Project.  We wanted to participate in February but honestly we rarely have any photos that have all the members of our small family together.  I told my husband at the beginning of March that I wanted us to work on taking photos of the four of us together this month.  We keep looking for opportunities to take a photo.  This last week, we have managed to do a couple "selfies" of the four of us that were actually rather lovely.  Maybe next month, we will get a remote for camera and do a more scenic family photo.

I love our littles ones' beautiful eyes in this photo.  We were all laying on the floor looking up at my iPhone but then in one of the photos by accident Mr. L looked at the Little Ones' faces.  I then suggested we both look at them and this was the result.  It was just the perfect moment when both Little Ones looked straight at the camera at the same time.  I blurred the edges a little but otherwise this is a raw image.   

This Month's Highlights:

Little LadyBug
* Settling into Preschool
* Loves Chocolate Bunnies
* Played with Jack (1st Friend)
* Likes to Wake Up Bumblebee Boy 
* Discover Peppa Pig and Met Elmer The Elephant

Bumblebee Boy
* Trying to Roll-Over
*Smiling and Chatting Now
* Loves Splashing in the Bath
* Loves Playing with Little Ladybug
* Celebrated 3rd Month Birthday with Fireman Sam Cake

* Focusing on Blogging
* Started "Spring" Cross Stitch
* Loves Snuggling with Her Babies
* Made Homemade Tortillas with Help of Little LadyBug

* Watched F1 Races
* Participated in IT Class in London
* Lovely Chats with Bumblebee Boy
* Lots of Castle Building with Little Ladybug 

dear beautiful
An alternative image for this month can be found on "The Week at LadyBug Home 2015 12/52"



  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Nicola. It makes me happy but also a little tearful. I feel very blessed for my two little ones. Have a good Easter!

  2. Oh that's such a sweet photo, I love it - your little ones really do have gorgeous eyes!

    1. Thank you Carie for your sweet words. I hope you have a lovely Easter Weekend.

  3. Ah that is a lovely photo, a simple selfie is just enough isn't it!


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