Tuesday 31 March 2015

Adventures in Blogging 2015 12/52

Another week of blogging has passed and I hope that I am more knowledgeable. In some ways, I feel that I did not accomplish as much as normal because my list of blogging posts I need or want to get done continues to grow. I do feel more relaxed about it this week. I received some insight from Donna of What the Redhead Said about how he deals with the balance between blogging and family time that really made me feel better about things. A couple times this week, I have set the timer or given myself an hour in the day to focus on blogging and then walked away from the computer to try to really focus and appreciate my time with my children. I am still staying up too late blogging. 

I had some lovely mentions on a couple blogs this last week.

From Hannah of Make, Do and Push - Blog Post

Nominated for Liebster Award from Karis of Little Dorothy Makes and by Eat.Love.Live.
My Liebster Award posting and my nominations. Lisa from Into the Glen accepted her Liebster Award.

Completed a "Travel With Me" article and sent off to Laura at Life with Baby Kicks

Lisa from Mummascribbles highlighted me in her "mummascribbes meets..." series.

I have a couple lovely ladies from Etsy that are interested in doing a "Meet the Maker" interviews and I hoping to have an opportunity to do an "guest blog" on blog that I admire but more about that later.  Submitting my name for "PR" or "review products" opportunities but have not been successful yet. Looking forward to Easter Holiday Weekend but need to get several blog postings ready before heading off on our adventures.


Top 5 Tips For Growing Your Social Media by Vicki at Honest Mum

5 Top Tips for "Food Styling" by Jenny at Let's Talk Mommy

Interview with Katie from Mummy Daddy Me by Jenny at Let's Talk Mommy


No blog changes this week but I did make a change to my Twitter account (details below).


Aby from You Baby Me Mummy has lots of useful information in the Blog Club. By reading her article "How to Grow Your Twitter Following", I learned about having "lists" in twitter.  It has really helped being able to separate the twitter accounts I follow into small groups and allowed me to see more tweets from my favourite bloggers.

Also Aby recommends you use your photo as your avatar (profile photo) in twitter.  I had "lightbulb" moment when I realised that besides probably changing photo to become my avatar that I really should have my logo on my twitter account as the header.

I am looking at different strategies to find new follower and people to follow.  I am currently using Crowdfire to track "non-followers" and "new followers".  I did do a clean-up of my "non-follower" list earlier in the week but there are lots of individuals that I don't want to stop following. There seems to be a negativity regarding larger number of "following" versus the number of "followers". My strategy at the moment is to just interact with people and other bloggers and hopefully they will start "following" my twitter account.  #FF (Follow Friday) seems to be a good networking opportunity.


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Maternity Matters~ Ghostwritermummy
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Bloglovin' - 88 (+9 this week)
Facebook - 572 (+12)
Views Last Month - 3,301
Instagram - 59 Followers (+18) 204 Following
Twitter - 482 Followers (+155) 785 Following
Klout - 48 (+5)

Top 3 Blog Postings:

March 2015 - 34
February 2015 - 6



  1. You are doing fantastically and I love how logically you're looking at everything. Interaction on Twitter really does help with gaining followers - quality followers too x

    1. Thank you Donna for your encouragement. I want to start focusing on content and not so much worrying about "followers" but I enjoy recording the progress. Lovely to hear from you.

  2. Oh thank you for mentioning me again x I am so clueless, I don't look at any stats, it's enough that I manage to add images to my posts ha! I also don't care who follows me on twitter or not, I just follow who I want. I do struggle with the 'walk away from it now' part though because I am worried about not leaving enough comments, I don't want to offend anyone. It's a minefield. I'm glad your is doing so well though and I look forward to your next Sunday Photo x

  3. You are doing really well! Your post has given me some things to consider being a newby blogger myself. I have been delving into youbabymemummy's blog club and it's given me lots of great info. My biggest challenge in the last few weeks is blogging time vs family time so I decided to set up a blogging schedule to help me plan a bit better. Can't wait to watch as your blog develops x


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