Monday 30 March 2015

The Week At Ladybug Home 2015 12/52

Sunday, March 22nd - Saturday, March 28th, 2015

This week, Little Ladybug (LL) was feeling better so she was less challenging and we had some very fun moments.  There were several "Firsts" for Bumblebee Boy (BB).
Our Sunday started with LL playing in the toy box again. She had her little people figurines in there with her and they were having a birthday celebration. We played around the house in the morning. Around lunch time, LL and Mr. L went to town for groceries. It allowed me to watch some tv and do some uninterrupted blogging. It was a sunny but a little cold in the afternoon. We went into the backyard and worked on sanding my daughter's doll house. Saving the "dollhouse story" for another day but involved sandpaper and taking lots of "before" photos.

Mr. L got my Easter/Spring decorations out of the shed. He also brought into the house an empty large cardboard box. That box was the favourite toy of the day. LL and BB had lots of fun playing in it. Since BB can't sit unassisted yet, he really enjoyed sitting in the corner of the box.
Monday started out with lazy morning watch some children tv. LL discovered Puppy Patrol. Unfortunately, only 2 episodes are recorded so far due to being a new discovery. More playing in the box. At lunchtime, Mr. L came home for food and an impromptu game of "hide & seek". There is not many places to hide so each round of hiding goes very quickly. LL likes to tell you where to hide but I try to surprise her in a different location. In the afternoon, we started to decorate for Easter/Spring. I purchased a little white trig tree to hang seasonal decorations on. LL had a fun time hanging glitter eggs on the tree. She re-organised them several times. We put the tree in the front window. LL and BB had a nap on my lap. Love cuddles with my "babies".
On Tuesday and Wednesday mornings LL goes to preschool. Mr L was taking a class in London this week so BB and I walked LL to preschool. On Tuesday morning, LL was being a challenging 3 year old and required me to make 3 kinds of breakfast. Asked for toast with butter but I made bagel with butter because I  was distracted trying to get her dressed.  I realised my mistake and made toast with butter but she then wanted toast without butter.  Remade the toast and then she decided to eat part of the butter bagel. The birds enjoyed the unbuttered toast. Once I dropped her off at Preschool, I got a chai latte and headed home with my sleeping baby. BB slept most of the morning because there was no Big Sister to wake him up. I spent the morning on the computer.  I made homemade tortillas before dinner with LL.  It was the first time attempting to make them and they were rather good.  I had the left-overs on Wednesday as early morning snack. Wednesday was preschool in the morning and playing the rest of the day.
Thursday started with getting 1 hour to blog. I set the timer and asked for 1 hour to work. It was successful because I promised that LL could have a painting session. The mess that normally happens when we get the paints out does prevent us from doing it often. I also wanted to get BB involved. He paint with his feet for the first time.  His sister was very good and helping him paint and even used the camera to take some photos. Once BB had his feet cleaned, he sat and watched as his sister made masterpieces with her feet.  There was actually so really beautiful colour combinations that resulted in this painting session. After lunch, LL gave BB a ride on her ladybug scooter.  She also found her baby University of Oregon hat and gave it to BB. I was very proud of her for being so sweet. We took a selfie in the bathroom. We had an exciting evening because Mr. L brought home Dunkin Donuts from the M&S at Euston Station and we opened the 1st Easter Box from my Parents (sent from the USA). Lots of yummy chocolate and craft supplies. We watched the new Paddington Bear movie and I thought it was really funny. I loved the London townhouse and Nicole Kidman's costumes. LL did not enjoy it but I really enjoyed it.

On Friday, I discovered that 2 sets of bunny ears came in the 1st Easter Box.  My cute bunny boy! LL decided to teach BB how to jump on Mommy's and Daddy's bed. The teddies and dollies had a slumber party in the bedroom too.  LL mostly watched and snuggled his bunny.  We watched Frozen. LL is not a huge fan so we have only watched it a couple times but I discovered that there is an extra scene at the very end after the credits. LL did some more painting but this time with paint brushes. I gave her a paper plate to use to put the paint on but instead it became the canvas for her "car" painting. It was fun sitting across the table from her and painting pictures with her.  No damage done to the living room so probably do painting again soon.  We had a 2nd Easter Box arrive with snack items and ladybug slippers for LL.
LL and I dashed to the grocery store the first thing on Saturday to get breakfast food but also a birthday gift for a friend's party at lunchtime.  After dressing BB in bunny ears again and some more playing in the box, we headed to a Kid Zone for birthday party fun.  LL ran around the soft play structure while Mr L chased her.  We had lots of fun. Yummy chocolate cupcakes.  BB is having "tummy time" these days and trying to roll-over. 
This was our 2nd choice for March's ME & MINE Portrait Project. 

 The Week That Was Captured


  1. What a lovely week packed with lots of fab stuff! Baby BB seems to be the most laid back little boy around, isn't Miss LL sweet with him though? I love all the pictures but the ones of them both in the box are the cutest thing ever X

    1. Thank you Lisa for your kind words. My baby boy is rather laid back but he needs to be with his Sister that loves to play with him. He think she is very funny. She does not like him sleeping during the day so she pokes him awake. I hope that they stay good friends in the future. Have a good Easter. I hope you get to see your daughter.

  2. Awe I love the photo where they are on the phone in the box, too cute

    1. Thank you for your lovely words. Have a good week!

  3. Wow! What a fun packed week you've had :) Boxes rock! I often wonder why we bother buying other toys!

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx

  4. Sounds like a lovely week! Love the photo of BB in his bunny ears - and that's a fabulous box!


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