Sunday 13 December 2015

On the First Day of #12DaysOfParenting 2015

This Christmas, I am taking part in #12DaysOfParenting that has been organised by Jade of Mummies Waiting.  With over 60 bloggers being involved it is a way to get some tips and share parenting experience with each other this Christmas season with some giveaways thrown in. The 12 Days starts today (Sunday 13th of December) and new topic theme every day until Christmas. Welcome to my blog if you are hopping over from SpiceLifeLaugh blog.

Today's Topic: "On the First day of Christmas - Surviving the holidays without tots groups/with very busy tots groups". 

Since this is the last week of term before Little LadyBug (LL) is on Christmas holiday from Preschool, I have created my wish list for how to keep her entertained before and after the Christmas celebrations. My husband will be on holiday so we can go on some mini adventurers but also spend some quality time with my daughter without her Baby Brother, Bumblebee Boy (BB).


Mommy & Daughter Date - I would love to take my daughter on a "date" to the local theatre for "Santa Little's Helper". This show is designed for 3 to 7 year olds. I am a little concerned about traditional pantomimes being a little overwhelming for her so this perfect Christmas theatre show. We could go for lunch without Daddy and Baby Brother. My almost 4 year old loves to ask questions and I love hearing about the adventures.

Attend Christmas Tree Festival - I will going with LL to decorate a tree at the St Johns Boxmoor Church this next week but I would love to go back between 18th - 22nd with my family to look at all the finished decorated trees. 
Make Some Snow Cloud Dough- Recently LL and I made some Gingerbread Play Dough but I really want to try make some sparkly cloud dough. I found a recipe from Nurture Store that I will experiment with. LL loves making play dough at nursery. This is a fun time of year to experiment with different recipes, scents, and colours. I am working creating a Pinterest board of play dough to create this Christmas and Winter season.  

Snow Ball Fight with Daddy - The local snow centre has created a Snow Garden for 2-5 years old this Christmas season. This is an activity for Daddy to do with LL while I drink hot chocolate in the warm cafe.  

Make Handmade Ornaments - I would love to make some handmade ornaments with LL. I am always trying to successful record her hand print for the Grandmas but also thinking of creating some cinnamon dough ornaments. An adorable Gingerbread Man Bunting by Julie of Lovely Little Kitchen  is definitely on my list to attempt this Christmas. 

Create a Bird Feeder - With prediction of a snowy winter, I worry about the local birds finding food during the winter months. I would like to take a toilet paper roll, cover it in peanut butter and then birdseed. Put it on a ribbon or twine hang from a tree branch in our backyard. 

Christmas Movies - I wish for a day of staying in our pyjamas and watching a Christmas movie marathon. We would watch Home Alone (1 - 3), Polar Express, White Christmas and Miracle of 34th Street. I have been recording lots of Christmas movies from the television in preparation of a day of movies and snacks. 

Visit a Local Garden Centre - I have heard amazing reviews about the Christmas Grotto at the World's End Garden Centre. Children can walk through a Winter Wonderland and even meet Santa. Pick up our favourite seasonal drinks from Costa and maybe choose a couple new Christmas ornaments. 

Making Christmas Cookies - I would love to pull out the cookie cutters and make some make some colour frosted shortbread cookies. There can never be enough sprinkles on Christmas cookies.

Snuggles by the Christmas Tree - I have always loved watching the Christmas lights twinkle away on the Christmas tree and would love to share this experience with my daughter and son. 

What is on your "wish list" to keep your children busy during the Christmas Holiday Break? Once you have entered the below giveaway for the "Christmas Giveaway Grand Prize" from the #12DaysofParenting sponsors, visit Adventures of a Novice Mum to discover how to survive without toddler groups during the Christmas break.  

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