Sunday 29 April 2018

Paradise Wildlife Park - World of Dinosaurs

We recently were invited to experience the World of Dinosaurs at the Paradise Wildlife Park in Hertfordshire. My children love dinosaurs and were very excited to see the UK's biggest dinosaur attraction. There is over 30 life-size animatronic dinosaurs that are life-size and roaring or making thrilling sounds.

Before entering the World of Dinosaurs main area, we first jumped aboard the Rex Express train that takes you near the dinosaurs. It was £2 per person and we really enjoyed the experience. It allows you to see some of the dinosaurs up-close and to see how my youngest would respond to seeing the animatronic dinosaurs in action. You don't necessary see any additional dinosaurs than you will see walking through the World of Dinosaurs attraction but my children enjoyed it.

We jumped off the train and headed through the very large gates entering the World of Dinosaurs. We were greeted by a very friendly staff member that spoke to children about if they were excited to see the dinosaurs and what was around the corner. The pathway was lined with large dinosaur teeth and helped to lead us towards the main attractions.

All the dinosaurs are behind fencing which allows the children to run around without getting eating by a dinosaur but also helped to make them not too scary for the youngest. All the dinosaurs moved and routinely made noises. There are plagues next to each dinosaur that allowed for learning new dinosaur names and information about the dinosaurs. Big Sister bought with her Triceratops and was very excited to meet the mom and baby Triceratops.

Big Sister and Little Brother jumped in a jeep and escaped from a fierce Tyrannosaurus Rex. They enjoyed following the one-way system and discovering new dinosaurs around each corner.
We all truly enjoyed discovering new dinosaurs. We followed the pathway back to entrance where there is gift shop and cafe. There is a covered area where children can dig in the sand to uncover dinosaur bones. We loved the dinosaurs and look forward to visiting again. 

Being the first time visiting Paradise Wildlife Park, I was very impressed by all the different animals and activities for the family. My children were very excited by all the play structures area. There were not one by two fire engines to explore. 
We enjoyed visiting the birds, seeing the white tiger being fed, and discovering animals from all over the world. There was penguins, lions, monkeys, lions and many more animals. There was even a raccoon that reminded be of my childhood in USA.
Big Sister enjoyed the Pirate Cove with the pirate ship and nearby obstacle course. There are slides and play structures for all ages and hours of fun available. 
Thank you to Paradise Wildlife Park for inviting us to visit and will be coming back again soon. 

Paradise Wildlife Park is located at White Stubbs Lane, Broxbourne, Hertfordshire EN10 7QA. 
We did have a little issue with find the park so do make sure to have SatNat turned on or GPS on phone for directions. 

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