Friday 25 August 2017

Space and Shape Cushions Review

One of the cheapest and easiest way that I reflect the changes in seasons in my home and brighten up my living room during rainy British winters is with decorative cushions. I am always looking for cushions that are durable to handle children jumping on them but also look stylish on my sofa.

I was delighted when Space and Shape contacted me to ask to review a couple of their cushions and add to my cushion collection.  For a huge selection of cushions, I choose the "Ask Cushion" and "Birdie Dearest Cushion"
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I love the vibrant but calming colours used in both these cushions. The removable cushion covers are 45 x 45 cms. The fibre cushion inserts are purchased separating but very reasonably price. Both cushions are made with the same natural fabric and complaints very well with my natural sofa. The appear high-quality and durable.
The "Ask Cushion" illustrated with a drawing by Regina Moritz of a colourful bird sitting on a barren autumn tree speech bubble shown coming from bird's beak. The banner says "Ask" with subline "Ask and shall will be given to you - Matthew 7.2". I chose this specific pillow because I love the idea of having a daily reminder to ask the universe or people around you for help or support. This pillow is a good size with a firm cushion insert that is supportive to lean against. 
If you love this pillow as much as I do, I would suggest also considering purchasing the "Receive Cushion". Also designed by  Regina Moritz but consists of a tree with a family of birds in a tree. The banner with the word "Receive" and tells us to accept the gifts that life hands out to us. I love sentiment of "asking" and "receiving" gifts from the universe. The pillow uses calming colours with shading to create depth in the images.  

The "Birdie Dearest Cushion" is the other pillow that I received to review. This pillow is from the same artist as the "Ask Cushion" and uses similar colours. The bird is delicately sitting on the letter. The letter looks it has had a grand adventure with the handwritten script lettering and cancelled stamp. In this modern world of electronic communication, it is wonderful to reminded of the artful of letter writing. This blue colours in the bird compliments beautifully with my existing cushion.

These cushions are perfect addition to my living room as I transition my home decor from Summer to Autumn.


Space & Shape is a company that I was not familiar with before they contact me for this review but I am truly believe that I will purchasing from them in the future. They have a stylish ranges of high-quality handcrafted furniture, mirrors, lighting and huge collection of decorative cushions.

"The idea of Space & Shape began in the unique feeling of nostalgia that fills someone’s heart when they are seeking a stable, welcoming place they can call home." Founder, Ellen

I admire their desire to support independent designers around the world and giving young, talent people a space to showcase their designs. I encourage my readers to check out the whole cushion collection in the Showroom shop below.

We were sent these cushions from Space & Shape via Showroom for review. All reviews are honest and my own words.

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