Thursday 31 December 2015

Me & Mine: A Family Portrait Project 2015 - December

We are joining in this month again with the Me & Mine Portrait Project with the lovely hosts LucyKatieJennyFritha, Lucy, and Alex .
We took hundreds of photos and lots videos in December to document our Christmas festivities for Vlogmas 2015 but only a couple family photos. The above photo was taken on my birthday a couple days before Christmas. It was a beautiful day with sunshine but rather windy up at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo. There is the elevated seating area that allows for the camera to be placed at eye level and timer was set.

Little Ladybug (LL) just really wanted to run around this area and so we barely were able to keep her from running away from this photo. Bumblebee Boy (BB) has  recently learned to point and loves to stick out his cute little finger to tell us about things that interested him.

This month was filled activities preparing for Christmas and celebrating Bumblebee Boy's 1st Birthday. This was the first Christmas that LL truly understood the concept of Christmas and was very excited about Santa coming. LL and BB were both loved ripping open the presents. BB is showing signs that he is about to take his first unassisted steps. I am sure that 2016 will be filled with lots of new adventures.

I only really started blogging constantly the end of February 2015 so the first Me & Mine we joined in with was March 2015. I will continue to participate in this family portrait project in 2016 because I loved having a family photo each month to recorded how quickly my children are growing. These photos make me smile because they each remind me a lazy weekend at home or some of my favourite family adventures from 2015.


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