Thursday 26 November 2015

My Thankful List 2015

Thanksgiving Day (USA) is a day filled with yummy food, spending time with family and most importantly remember all the reasons that you are "thankful". I try to remember daily how blessed my life is but sometimes life is so busy and overwhelming that I forget. Below are the reasons this year that I am thankful:

HEALTH I feel very blessed that my family and I are healthy and well. As winter comes, we all will probably get the occasion cold but no one in my immediate family are fighting life-changing illness.

HUSBAND I have a very supportive husband that loves me on my good and bad days. He listens as I express my endless frustrations or worries about life but is also the first person I share exciting news with. He is an amazing father to our children and brings lots of happiness into our lives. I appreciate that he has the pressure of financially supporting us.

DAUGHTER My sweet girl promoted me to the title of "Mother" almost 4 years ago. Everyday she surprises me with our imaginative stories and questions. Her loving hugs brings sunshine into the cloudiest days. She forgives me if I am having a stressful day or not as patient with her as I should be. She is an amazing "Big Sister" (most of the time).

SON My precious baby (almost 1 year old) makes me smile everyday. He is my soft, warm, cuddly boy that reminds me everyday how blessed I am. He brings pure joy to our family's lives. He is fearless and has an endless supply of cheeky smiles.

PARENTS I have very grateful to have Parents and In-Laws that provide endless support to my husband and me. I know it must be hard not spending time with their grandchildren as often as they would like but they never complain.

HOME I think daily how blessed I am to grow-up in the USA and now living in England. I have never lived in fear of my safety and have slept in a warm bed every night of my life. I have never worried about how I was going to be feed my children.

BLOGGING I am grateful for the opportunity to part of a community people that are sharing their lives with others. I enjoy reading about different perspectives about life and also know that I am never alone in this journey of motherhood and being a woman. There is always someone else that has faced similar life challenges as me and overcame.

MODERN LIFE I am grateful that I live in a point in history where I can easily get on plane to visit my family on the other side of the world. Not only can I hear my mother's voice anytime I want but I also can see my father's smile via video conferencing by just pushing a button.  I am grateful for modern medicine.

Thank you to my Mother that is probably the only person that actually reads every single one of my blog posts and then shares them with my Father.

Thank you for reading my blog. What are you "thankful" for today?


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