Monday 16 November 2015

Little LadyBug Birth Story - Vlog Stars #7

Three months ago, I decided to start documenting our life around the LadyBug Home but creating some vlogs for my new YouTube Channel. We are enjoying the journey and may have some exciting news to share soon about some vlogging opportunities in 2016.

The last couple months, I have been joining Aby from You Baby Me Mummy and Amy from Mr and Mrs T Plus Three for their monthly #Vlog Star Link Up. Every month, they chose a themed vlogging topic and this month was "Share a Story". They requested you share a story about either your child's birth story, how you met your partner, or story about where you live.  

I decided to share Little LadyBug (LL)'s Birth Story. It was a magical day in January 2012 when LL decided to promote my husband and me to the new title of "Parents". It started with my water breaking at 5:45 am and by midnight we were taking home our beautiful little girl. 

Love for you to subscribe to our new YouTube Channel and check out other Vlog Stars Videos. Thank you for visiting. Next month's themed topic is "10 Confessions". Why not make your own vlog next month to link up! 
You Baby Me Mummy

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  1. our christmas tradition is that all the family get together on boxing day at my sister in laws house in brighton as she has the biggest house, where we all get together each year and celebrate christmas together. as we all live so far apart now its really the only chance we get to meet some family members each year which makes it extra special. we all take some food and drink up with us to save on the cost for my sister inlaw


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