Friday 17 April 2015

Weekend Wish List and Next Week Highlights

Today while Little Ladybug (LL) was doing her favourite activity of "making a mess" and Bumblebee Boy (BB) was taking a nap on my lap, I decided to make this "list".
My Weekend Wish List: 

1) Enjoy the sunshine. Keep LL from watching to much TV but instead go outside and play. Maybe go see the new visitors centre at Whipsnade Zoo or introduce BB to the big park.

2) Dollhouse. Have been waiting all winter for the warmer and sunny weather so I can paint LL (slightly used) dollhouse. She wants to paint it dark blue but I am thinking powder blue or dark egg with white trim and gray roof. Searching Pinterest for interior decorating ideas. "Before" photos have been taken and hopefully start "Dollhouse Decoration" blog series soon.

3) Blogging. I could write a novel about what I would like to accomplish on this blog. Main tasks are to write-up plans for new "link up" and "blogging series". Draft and finalise blog posts about Easter Weekend's travel adventures. Choose photos for photography link ups. Complete posts for "Ordinary Moments" and "The Week That Was Captured" link ups. Work on an editorial calendar.

4) Family. Put down the phone and spend quality time with Husband and children.

5) Laundry. Sun is out so time to catch up on washing laundry and drying outside.

Next Week Highlights: 
  • Mr L has 3 days off next week. He will spend some "Boy's time" with BB. Hoping to have a "breakfast date" with him. Let him have some "non-daddy" time to read or work on the computer. 
  • Have BB's passport photo and my provisional license photo taken (on Monthly Bucket List)
  • LL will start going to preschool Monday - Wednesday mornings this week. Love the 15-hours free preschool! She used to attend nursery full-time and has been doing 2 mornings already so not worried about adding Monday mornings. 
  • We have a play date with one of LL's favourite nursery friends. LL is super excited and I am hoping it will stay sunny so we can go to the park. 
  • Take BB to his 1st Baby music class without his sister. Hopefully meet some new mothers. Find matching socks without holes. 
  • 10 weeks left of maternity leave. I have 10 KIT (Keeping In Touch) days left that I should use to prepare for the re-opening of the Ladybug Home & Designs shop. Need to get out glue-gun and make a couple hair bows for a couple little girls as gifts. 
  • Remember to give BB and LL lots of cuddles and not to forget to appreciate my loving husband. 
My rambling thoughts from Ladybug Home & Designs. Thank you for reading.

Link up with Aby and Hannah for #The List.


  1. Enjoy your last few weeks of maternity leave!

  2. Your weeks highlights are so much like mine. There's so much more I want to do with my blog but so little time. And that oh so precious quality time with the family!! 💛 #TheList

  3. oooh I love your notebook :) This is a lovely way to spend an hour or so trapped under and kiddy!! I love just having some one on one time with a notebook and a pen, it's somehow really cathartic!

    Thanks for linking up to #TheList love xxx


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