Saturday 18 April 2015

Hours of Fun with Wilko Play Wooden Garage

I took my 3 year old daughter and baby son into Wilkinson to purchase some paint for a weekend project.  As we headed to the front of the store, we discovered a display that was featuring the Wilko Play! Wooden Garage and the Wilko Play Medieval Wooden Castle on sale from £25 to £20 each.

My daughter has several wooden trains and cars toys already so the wooden garage was an ideal addition to our home. The garage requires some assembly with a screwdriver. I have weak hand strength but found the assembly rather easy and stress-free. The first step is to put screw the helicopter landing pad to the stop of the elevator section. Unfortunately there was small piece of plastic in one of the holes that prevented a screw from being put in. I could have returned to garage and exchanged for a new garage set but the lack of screw does not effect the use of the toy. The 3 other screws were strong enough to keep the landing pad securely fixed to the elevator section.
I found the assembly took about 15 minutes and was rather easy. All details are painted on and there are no stickers to worry about.  The finish is very neat and my daughter loved playing with cars and helicopter immediately. The only slight design weakness is that ramps are not securely fixed to the floors so they fall off and don't line up with the painted road lines at bottom of ramps. This could be easy fixed with a little glue or tack.  My daughter had no issue putting the ramp back on when it fell off.

It comes with 2 wooden cars, 1 helicopter, 4 traffic signs, 3 orange cones, and a petrol pump. My daughter loved putting the a car or the helicopter in the elevator and turning the orange knob up to move the elevator up and down. The function of turning the knob is helping her strengthen her hand muscles.   The stop lights, street signs and orange cones allow for imaginative play and problem solving.

She spent many hours since purchasing the wooden garage playing with it and has add previous purchased wooden toys and figurines to join into the fun.  

Overall, I am very pleased with the Wilko Play! Wooden Garage and I sure my daughter will have lots of fun playing with daddy and friends.
(This a completely unsolicited and honest opinion. As of date of publication, I have no professional relationship with Wilkinson. I will always notify reader if compensated for review.)

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