Monday 27 April 2015

{THE ORDINARY MOMENTS 15} - Extra Moments with Daddy

We had several "ordinary" moments his week when we got to spend extra time together as family. Mr L (aka Daddy) had Monday - Wednesday off as holiday. Little Ladybug (LL) continue to attend nursery as normal and there is no holiday from Motherhood but it was lovely to have extra time with Mr L.  On Monday, LL went off to Nursery while I took Bumblebee Boy (BB) to his 1st Baby music class without his sister. I loved having some one-on-one time with BB and met a couple new mums.  It was amazing watching BB react to the bubbles and playing with the feathers. He wanted to spend some time on his tummy looking at the bubbles.

We picked up LL from nursery and lunch in the park. I had a nice cuddle with BB but it was too busy at the play structure to introduce him the the slides. An ice treat was mandatory.
On Tuesday, Mr L and I had a "breakfast date". LL slept in car seat but it was nice to slowly eat our food and have a chat. We picked LL up from nursery and headed to ZSL Whipsnade Zoo.
Now that LL is 3 years old, she got her own membership card. Very cute photo but Mr L "photo bombed" it. We had a lovely lunch together.  The sea lions were happy to splash around for us. Such a beautiful sunny day. 

This is one of the favourite photo's of the week. "Super Ladybug Spider Girl" with swords.

Linking up with Katie for "The Ordinary Moments" and Hannah for "The Week That Was Captured"  


  1. Love that last photo - and its title. :-) Have a lovely week!

  2. Absolutely love the photo of your super ladybug spider girl :) xx

  3. Gorgeous photos! It looks like you've had a fab week :)

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xxx


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