Monday 23 March 2015

Adventures in Blogging 2015 11/52

It has been officially 1 month since I have been blogging constantly.  I have moments of enjoying blogging and others times being frustrated.  I have loved reading and discovering new blogs.  There are so very talented women and men bloggers in the UK and Ireland.  It is encouraging that blogging can open up doors for new projects and new friendships.  I have felt frustrated with not having enough time in the day to accomplish all the different topics that I would like to write about.  There is some guilt that I sometimes blogging keep me from spending time with my "little ones". After reading the article "Finding Time to Blog" by Gemma of Gemma The Family Girl blog, I need to be more focused about creating a content calendar and focus being more efficient of writing posts.
I joined weheartit website and have barely started exploring it. It is a resource to get photographic images.  They are free to use but should be credited back to weheartit or the original source.  I also signed up on Instagram on Tuesday, March 17th.  

I was being consider to host a link party for another blogger but I did not have a twitter account. I decided to join the world of twitter. Account created Wednesday, March 18th at 10:30 pm.  My initial strategy was to "follow" as many mummy and daddy bloggers.  I discovered a lot of my favourite bloggers. I will record statistics below.  I have discovered that the ratio between "followers" and "following" can be important.  My difference between these two numbers is too great.  I am being less aggressive on "following" and realise it will take some time for people certain people to become a "follower".    

I created a "Etsy Favourite: Easter Gifts 2015" article that showcased 45+ Etsy Sellers. This week my main promoting efforts were focused on the gift guide.  I message the sellers through Etsy to notify them that their product was showcased in this gift guide and introduced myself for future.  I then used twitter to promote and included twitter addresses in the body of the tweet for certain sellers on the gift guide.  I also promoted on Facebook.  Probably about around 50% of the sellers promoted the gift on their social media sites also. 


How to Grow Your Twitter Following by Aby at You Baby Me Mummy
Finding Your Tribe Why You Need One by Aby at You Baby Me Mummy


Joined TOTS100 and added their badge to the sidebar.

Added "more posts" related link using the tutorial from Code It Pretty highlighted in last week's Adventures in Blogging 2015 10/52.


Link Parties
Wicked Wednesday
Share with Me - "Challenges of Motherhood: Sick Child & Baby"
My Captured Moment #11
WhatWe'reReading - Instagram & Twitter
The List - "Etsy Favourites: Easter Gifts 2015"
Binky Linky - "Challenges of Motherhood: Sick Child & Baby"
{THE ORDINARY MOMENTS} - Being Poorly & Skipping
The Week That Was Captured- "The Week at LadyBug Home 2015 11/52"

Facebook - The Vintage Farmhouse - Monday share
Facebook - Joined UK Etsy Sellers


Nicola... Life Through My Eyes
BakedPotato Mummy
Casa Costello


 Catch A Single Thought

 Let's Do Something Crafty

 Ellie Illustrates


Bloglovin' - 79 (+38 this week)
Facebook - 560 (+17)
Views Last Month - 3,131
Instagram - 41 Followers (+41) 185 Following
Twitter - 327 Followers (+327) 1,263 Following
Klout - 43

Top 3 Blog Postings:
ETSY FAVOURITES: Easter Gifts 2015 - 245
Challenges of Motherhood: Sick Child and Baby - 50
{ORDINARY MOMENTS 15} - Being Poorly and Skipping - 42

March 2015 - 27
February 2015 - 6

The List


  1. congratulations on the new blogging experience! Im a new blogger myself :) well, been blogging for 2.5 months but doesn't feel that long at all. seems like yesterday I was stressing over how to create a blog

  2. Ah thank you so much for including my posts, very kind of you. You are doing so well x

    1. Thanks so much for linking up to #TheList x

  3. Oooh I'm a new follower and can't wait to read more. I consciously chose to start blogging consistently when Little Man was 3 months old, went self hosted and gave myself the goal of publishing a post every day. 18ish months on and I have succeeded in blogging every day and now it doesn't seem as much effort at it once did, I can be a bit more laid back and put more time aside to read rather than just write. You remind me of where I was a month into blogging properly.
    It's definitely hard to juggle blogging with family life but mostly now I take photos when the children are around/awake and when the youngest naps I give LP quality time and then in the afternoon they watch a movie and I blog - I'll get a few posts written and then when the kids are in bed I'll add the photos/links and schedule the posts and schedule tweets promoting them. I've got into a good routine and it works x

    1. Donna - I have been thinking about your kind words all day. I really appreciate your time and giving me encouragement. Thank you for sharing your experiences. This morning, I set the timer for 60 minutes to focus on writing blogging post. Once alarm went off, I had fun with my children. It is find the right balance that is hard. Thank you for everything.

  4. You are doing so well , your social media following and page views are great for such a new blog. I wish i had your dedication xx

  5. Huge congrats this is a fantastic achievement is a short space of time well done :) #theList


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