Sunday 21 August 2016

Our Ideal Family Weekend Away - #JoulesExplorers

After counting down the weeks, days and finally minutes, the “Ideal Family Weekend Away” starts with locking the front door of our home and heading out for a family adventure. We feel the excitement of saying goodbye to ordinary daily life and not knowing exactly what new sights, sound and tastes are awaiting us. As Son, Daughter, Father and Mother, we all have different ideas of what makes an ideal family weekend away.

Son’s idea of the ideal family weekend away is the freedom to run free. Being still a toddler, he loves putting on a pair of wellies and running carefree on sand, grass or through a forest. It does not matter the location but rather the fact nobody is telling him “Be careful! Hold my hand!”. Besides enjoying the feeling of the wind blowing past his ears, there is also all the marvellous new curious items to discover and touch. Smooth rocks, pine cones, rocky sand, and soft flowers. He is happiest when he outside running free or digging in sand and dirt. Being away from home also means getting to taste new sweets at the seaside or homemade cakes at a cafe. Tasting different ice creams flavours everyday. After a fun day of exploring, he enjoys reading books with Daddy before cuddles on a soft bed with Mommy. Peacefully falling asleep and dreaming of a day of new experiences.
Daughter’s thoughts of an ideal family weekend away is similar to her Little Brother’s but she is more adventurous. She equally loves the freedom of being on a beach or in a forest but she also loves climbing to the tallest hill and exploring the secret corners of historic castle or church. She loves crawling up an old staircase or dancing on the colourful light that is reflected through stained glass windows onto stone floor. You may even find her laying on the floor staring up at the vaulted decorated ceilings. No family holiday would be complete without several trips into the local toy shops. Even though the same toys may be sold at the stores near our home, she finds toys and books so more interesting when miles from home. There is new love for games and sticker books that will keep her entertained in the evenings before dinner. She also recently discovered how much fun it is to go swimming with Mother. She loves kicking around in an indoor pool without sharing Mother with Little Brother or Father. Perfect time to ask questions or share a story without being distracted by the world around her.
Father’s hopes for an ideal family weekend away is one that is filled with lots of laughter and new family experiences. He loves heading into a bookstore to look for old books on local town or British history. While walking along holding his daughter’s soft hand, he keeps an eye open for cafes or restaurants that feature local produce and vegetables. As a vegetarian, he is always looking for ideas for meals at home. He enjoys making sand castles and then watching as son and daughter finds joy on jumping on his sand creations. After the children have fallen asleep quickly from a day filled with fresh air and fun, he enjoys reading a book and the quietness of the night.
Mother’s wishes for an ideal family weekend away it is an escape from the ordinary life and where happy family memories are made and captured. She puts on her favourite waterproof coat and boots for a weekend of exploring. Storing her phone safely away in the family bag and just focusing on the family adventure. She is never far away from her camera and loves trying to capture the candid moments when her family is truly happy and relaxed. She loves exploring small shops with handmade items for the home or furniture that has been well-loved. Looking for the perfect cushion or decorative item to bring home to remind her of this family weekend away. One of the best treats of being away from home is the opportunity to sample new foods and have someone else cook. She craves fresh seafood that was caught off the coast that morning or enjoys heading into a local bakery for freshly made scones or bread. After a day of exploring, she enjoys cuddling up in a cosy jumper with a hot cup of tea while looking through the photos of cherished moments.
At the end of our family weekend away, we would be heading back home with numerous joyful stories to be share with Grandparents, and coat pockets filled with sea shells, rocks or small tokens discovered on our family adventure.

This our entry to become Joules Explorer 2016. Thank you Joules, Stars Castle Hotel, and Isles of Scilly Travel for hosting the #JoulesExplorers 2016 Blogger Competition. I truly believe that my family and I would enjoy exploring St Mary’s of the Isles of Scilly and we are loving the latest styles from Joule. 

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