Monday 13 April 2015

Adventures in Blogging 2015 13 & 14/2015

We had a lovely Easter Weekend Holiday in Norfolk but now I feel completely behind on blogging.  I worked very hard on Thursday before leaving for holiday (vacation) to schedule posts and tweets to be published when away. It was nice to have a break from blogging.

My main job these days is motherhood but I think of blogging is a job also.  Like all jobs, there are moments when I get discouraged blogging but I have complete control on how I dedicate my time. My focus at the moment is to more efficient with my efforts. There are many bloggers that I admire that I want to support by participating in their "link ups".  Joining "link ups" have been a great way to meet other bloggers and for ideas for written and photographic blog postings. I have been mainly focusing on sharing photos and information about my children because they are the main focus in my life right now.  I like the idea of recording my children growing up for the grandparents and myself but I don't know if that is what I want to be the main focus of my blog.

I recently read an article about how your grow the number followers of your blog and you need to provide your readers with information that is useful to their lives. In starting this blogging journey, writing about my children and our daily lives was an quick option but I want to start developing some new ideas.  I would rather publish less often but with more informative articles.

I hope to develop a blogging schedule and plan of topics that I would like to explore. I am so grateful for all the kind people that have commented and shown interest in my children's and my life the last  6 weeks or so.  I will still be sharing photos and stories involving my children but also like to explore other topics.  I think it is funny that anyone in the world can read my blog but I have a hard time feel comfortable promoting the blog posts about my children.

I have owned the web address "" for years now. After talking with my IT Adviser (aka Husband), I decided to move my current blog from domain address to In the future the current blog will be remained to "Ladybug Home" and be focused on recording my family's adventure.  I will developing a new blog with "LadyBug Home & Designs" logo and new domain name that will be focused on my small business, interior design and informative articles.  There will be no changes in the twitter, instagram, and Facebook accounts except for content will change slightly.

Found inspiration from:
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Moved blog domain to


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BLOG STATS (Last 2 Weeks)

Bloglovin' - 99 (+11)
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Views Last Month - 3,266 (-35)
Instagram - 70 Followers (+11) 224 Following
Twitter - 584 (+102) 933 Following
Klout - 48 (+0)

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  1. It still sounds like you are very much enjoying blogging and I love these monthly updates - your social media is growing steadily too x

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I do enjoy blogging but it is a steep learning curve. Thinking lots about "editorial calendar" this morning. Need and want to get organised. Daughter at nursery tues & wed am so that is my thinking time. Hubby off a couple days next week so probably bond over "blogging". Nominated you for "Outstanding Blog" for Bibs2015. Thank you for your support!

  2. Oh well done on the stats!! I'm getting ready to do the next plunge into my own domain nAme so will be coming to you for some tips!


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