Thursday 2 April 2015

2015 Bucket List - April

This is my first month linking up with Beth from Twinderelmo for the Monthly Bucket List.  This was a great way to think about what I would like to accomplish personally and professionally this month.

Life & Family
- Submit Bumblebee Boy's British Passport Application
- Take Photo and Complete Application Form for Provisional Licence
- Practice Counting to Ten with Little Ladybug

- Work on Reorganising Clothes in Bedroom
- Brainstorm Ideas for Living Room Wall
- Sort Kitchen Cabinets

- Finish Spring Cross Stitch
- Design a Cross Stitch Pattern
- Pinterest Ideas for Doll House Project

- Book May Holiday
- Discuss Summer USA Trip

- Create Editorial Schedule & Link Up Strategy
- Develop Social Media Strategy
- Plan Blogging Series & Guest Blog

LadyBug Home Shop
- Inventory and Plan Re-Launch
- Finalise Taxes
- Create Facebook Album

I think this list will keep me busy this next month.

TwinderelmoThe List


  1. I need to do my kitchen cupboards too, desperately! Do you know where you want to go in the US? We had an amazing road trip from San Francisco to Seattle last summer. We all loved it. #TheList Over from

  2. I sorted my kitchen cupboards today and it. felt. so. good.

    I love your list a nice mix of all aspects of life. :)


    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  3. I think it will too! Don't forget the passport & provisional!! What are you thinking of for the living room? Pinterest is a great place for ideas
    Where are you off in May? Very jealous of the USA too!!
    Thanks so much for linking up. Look forward to seeing how you get on! xxx

  4. Wow you are going to be super busy my lovely. Good luck with it all! Thanks so much for linking up to #TheList xx (could you add our badge my love?) x


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