Wednesday 14 December 2016

Creating Christmas Wreath with Duck Tape UK

When I growing up, I remember on several occasions when my Father would grab and tear by hand some duck tape to fix a whole in a tarp or water hose. There were always several rolls of this silvery grey adhesive tape sitting on my Father's work bench in garage. In the last few years,  I started to notice new colours and prints available as part of the Duck Tape Family. This newer range has the quality and durability that the original silvery grey tuck tape but opens a whole new world of crafting opportunities.

I was trilled when contacted if I would be interested in creating a Christmas wreath by using some the Duck Tape products. This durable self-adhesive and versatile tape makes a perfect solution for outside Christmas wreaths and decorations.

I was sent one roll of British Racing Green Duck Tape, Fire Engine Red Duck Tape and Gold Glitter Duck Tape. I was also provided a 12 inch foam wreath.

I started by cutting a strip (approximately 6 inches) of green duck tape that would wrap around the front of the wreath. Then folded the tape so that around 1/3 of the width of the adhesive tape was showing.
The next step is to cut some fringe. Starting about an inch from the end, I cut around 1/2 inch (1 cm) widths until I have enough to cover the front of the wreath frame.
I placed the next strips so that they overlapped with the previous row of fringe. The tape was very easy to work with. Just keep working around the wreath.
I overlapped my strips so that no white would show between the rows but this also meant that one roll of British Racing Green Duck Tape did not cover the whole wreath. I was able to cover about 3/4 of the wreath foam.
I used the Gold Glitter Duck Tape to cover the remaining 1/4 of the wreath. I like the look of a section of gold tape but just a disclaimer that you may need 2 rolls of green tape if you want to cover the whole wreath depending on how you spread out the rows of fringe.
I used the  Fire Engine Red Duck Tape to create the look of ribbon being wrapped around the wreath shape. I created the red tape ribbon by sticking two pieces of tape together. The duck tape is rather sticky so this step requires careful sticking and no little fingers grabbing the tape.
Gold Glitter Duck Tape was a thinner tape and less strong adhesive so very easy to create some glittery ribbon by stick two pieces of tape together. 
Once the bow was fixed to top of wreath, it was time to hang on my front door. By using Duck Tape, this creates a wreath that can handle the rainy and cold winter days leading up to Christmas. 

You can purchase Duck Tape UK products from HobbyCraft and (Affiliate Links) 

*We were sent the rolls of Duck Tape and foam wreath but all reviews are honest and my own words.  


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