Wednesday 8 June 2016

Creating a Rainbow Hundreds and Thousands Cake from ASDA for Under £5

Since both my children have birthdays that are within a month of Christmas, we celebrate their half birthdays. This week is my son's 18 Month birthday and so we head off to our local Asda looking for a colourful cake that would perfect to celebrate his birthday.
Lots of children character cakes have soft icing but I personally prefer buttercream frosting. Looking around the cakes we loved the Asda Rainbow Jazzie Cake. This rainbow layers of sponge and white chocolate buttercream with Hundreds and Thousands (aka rainbow round sprinkles) is very fun and reasonable priced at £12.00. Loved it but serves 20+ people. For our family of four this cake was too big.

Looking around the baking and cake aisle, my daughter and I came up with a reasonable priced option that did not require any baking.
Items Purchased
- 1 x ASDA Extra Special Hand Finished Victoria Sponge £2.65 £1.50 (Special Offer)
- 1 x Betty Crocker Vanilla Buttercream Style Icing £2.25
- 1 x ASDA Hundreds & Thousands £0.94
Grand Total of £4.69

The victoria sponge with cream and jam in the middle was perfect cake to use. We placed the victoria sponge on a plate and then using a spatula or table knife to spread the buttercream icing.
I wiped the extra frosting off the plate edges and then it was time to start adding the hundreds and thousands (sprinkles). My daughter loved pinching and sprinkling the hundreds and thousands onto the cake.
I eventually used a spoon to scoop the hundreds and thousands to cover the top of the cake. If you want to cover the sides, this tutorial is very helpful from
If you don't have little hands trying to lick frosting of the sides, this cake preparation would  be very quick and easy. This 5 inch (approx.) cake was perfect size for our family. The birthday boy loved the soft frosting and moist cake. 

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  1. Ah it looks like a lovely cake- although its made me crave a piece now! xx


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