Wednesday 27 April 2016

Wooden Bench Makeover with Pinty Plus Chalk Paint

After admiring Clare's new chalk painted chair on her blog, Maybush Studio, I was thrilled when she contacted me to ask if I would like to be part of the Pinty Pluser Ambassador blogging team. This was an opportunity to use a recently released range of Pinty Plus Chalk Paint Spray (manufactured in Spain) from Novasol Spray UK on a couple projects around the home.
Since Pinty Plus Chalk Paint Spray can be applied to melamine, wood, plastic, glass, canvas, metal, cardboard and polystyrene, I quickly had a long list of items that I wanted to use the Chalk Paint Spray on. I decided to paint an unfurnished wooden bench that is currently sitting in our living room.

I would like to use this bench in the office/crafting area in my home that I am currently planning with a colour scheme that includes tones of turquoise colour. The Pale Turquoise Chalk Paint was perfect for the base colour of the bench and the Broken White Chalk Paint Spray ideal for the top of bench.

After unscrewing top of bench from base of bench and quick wipe to remove any dust or dirt, I was ready to start painting. It is recommended that use paint outside or in a well-ventilated area. I set up the bench and paint spray cans outside on some plastic.

The key is to apply thin and quick layers from a distance recommended of 25-30 cm (10-12 inches) first horizontally and then vertically. I have not use many paint spray products in the past so I would consider myself a novice. I found this product extremely easy to use. Once I gave a quick spray to determine which way the wind was blowing, I simply started spraying the top of the bench. Being a little nervous, I started with the underside of the bench top with the Broken White paint. I wanted a fairly solid white colour so I did several layers of paint before allowing to dry.

To paint the edges of the bench top, I elevated the top by putting it on a cardboard box to allow me to do some quick light sprays along the edges. Originally, I tried spraying the edges while tops was laying flat on the ground and it resulted in some drip marks on the underside. These drips were easily hidden with a quick paint spray of the underside of top later in the day.

The bench is about 1 meter long and I used around 1 1/2 cans of paint of each colour. I was impressed that the spray coming out the cans were still constant even when can was almost empty. This paint dries to touch within 20 minutes or so. If you get to close and create a puddle of paint, you can either quick wipe off with a sponge or allow to dry if not to thick. I did have a few spots that once dried showed that I sprayed to close but was easily fixed by doing another light layer of paint to even out the colour.

The finish is a matt velvety feel. It covered the wood really well with colour. I love the Pale Turquoise colour!

Besides the beautiful paint coverage the Pinty Plus Chalk Paint created, I also really liked that this product is a water-based formula and there is no paint smell once paint dry. Due to changing weather the day I was painting the bench, I had to allow the bench to finish drying in our kitchen and there was not paint smell in the house.
My children have loved climbing on the bench and there has been no paint reside on their clothes. Since this item will be used as more regular sitting in the future, I have going to use the Pinty Plus Water-Based Varnish to protect and waterproof the surface. I have done some testing with this product already and plan to seal the bench in the next month for featuring in a blog post. I will probably use the matt varnish on several other craft products because it quick drying and its low-odour allows for use inside the house.

I have loved using the Pinty Plus Chalk Paint and looking forward to using on a couple other products in the next couple months. Now is the hard decision to pick another colour from range below.
Check out #PintyPluser on social media to see other projects. What colour would you pick?

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