Monday 8 February 2016

The Home Life Project - February 2016

Joining Clare from Maybush Studio with her "Home Life Photography Project - February 2016".  This monthly photography project involves documenting your daily life for one day per month.

DATE: Sunday, February 7th, 2016

We were really looking forward to a relaxing Sunday around the house. We have all been fighting illness the last two weeks and all needed a restful day. On Saturday, we had a exciting day celebrating Little Ladybug's birthday with her friends. On this Sunday, I made some heart-shaped cinnamon rolls and finished decorating for Valentine's Day. We nibbled on some leftover cookies from Little Ladybug's cookie making party. After lunchtime, I sent husband to Argos to get a new storage unit of Little Ladybug's room and one step closer to our goal to organise and declutter our home in 2016.

Thank you for visiting today.

Join in on the March Edition on March 7th, 2016. For more details
Home Life Photography Project



  1. The organising and decluttering never ends, I swear we are always one or two furniture purchases away from being able to put our feet up and we never get there! Is that a Valentine's tree you have or do you really still have your Christmas tree up? Thank you also for plugging the date for March... I should have done that too - oops!

    1. Just thinking about the March weekend. We are barely home that weekend. Happy Mother's Day. It was a Valentine tree but used christmas tree. Love reading your blog as always. Thank you for visiting!


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