Monday 18 January 2016

Magical Snow Day in England

There is nothing more magical than children's reaction to snow. Little LadyBug (LL) went to sleep on Saturday dreaming of snow and woke up very early to discover a layer of white snow covering the neighbourhood. She was very excited and quickly got dressed so she could go make a snowman.

I love how beautiful the trees look covered in snow. My favourite snow days are when my loves ones can stay at home all day instead of heading off to work or school. Last year, it snow for one day while husband was at work so I made a snowman with LL while trying to keep baby Bumblebee Boy (BB) for getting too cold. He slept in the moses basket by the backdoor while I quickly made a snowman with LL.
This year, LL and the help of her Daddy to make a snowman. They did not make one snowman but a family of snowman. BB loved crawling through the snow. 
I think that LL could have stayed outside all day. Unfortunately the temperature outside got warmer as the day went along and soon the snowman family started to melt.
BB got too cold outside so stood at the backdoor watching snow sliding down the door. A few snowballs may have been thrown in his direction also. We had some lovely warm snuggles on this lazy Sunday afternoon.
The day was filled with laughter, smiles and lots of love. 

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  1. Just WOW! What an amazing post about lovely snow! Fab. I am so upset we didn't get any here (Midlands) as I really, really love it. My twins would adore it at this age!! Am very jealous. It looked great fun xx

  2. Ah it sounds like a lovely snow day. We didn't get anything at all so I hope we get at least one day this year. LL hasn't really properly seen it yet! x


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