Monday 31 August 2015

Me & Mine: A Family Portrait Project 2015 - August

GoodBye Summer! I continue to be overwhelmed by how quickly life moves these days. It feels like just yesterday when I was doing July's Family Photo. The month has been mostly filled with focusing on working from home but also making summer time memories with Little Ladybug (LL) and Bumblebee Boy (BB). The below photos were taken the other day at Whipsnade Zoo.
Little LadyBug is officially a Preschooler in September. She continue to make us laugh with her funny and imaginative stories. She loves to pretend to read from a chapter book about dinosaur adventures. She has discovered the joy of colouring. She has always had many colouring books, crayons and pens but suddenly she can spend hours colouring the same picture. She is super excited to see her Grandparents, Aunt and Uncle in the USA in September.

Bumblebee Boy is growing so fast. He LOVES food. He will eat anything you feed him and loves trying new foods. He is now crawling and trying to pull himself up on table. BB still thinks his sister is rather fun and wants to play with her toys.

We have had some fun new family adventures together. We were invited by Zapf Creations to the Museum of Childhood for a children's party to celebrate National Doll's Day. I met some lovely bloggers and LL enjoyed the colouring activity at the party. We also went to Southend-on-Sea for a beach adventure. I loved watching LL wander around the beach. It was not the stress-free adventure that we were hoping for but it was nice to enjoy the summer sunshine.

I have been busy balancing being a Mother, blogging, and running a local mum's website. I introduced vlogging to her family's life.  I love recording our family adventures and hope to create some videos to share with my family in the USA.  I have been brave and applied for a couple new professional opportunities. I have been doing some quick and easy knitting projects that I hope to share with my readers soon.

September is going to be filled with lots of yummy foods, new adventures and lots of hugs from my Parents. We are all very excited to travel to the USA to see my family. I love Halloween and Christmas so looking forward to decorating and crafting the next couple months.

Linking up with "Me & Mine Project".  Visit Lucy at Captured by Lucy to hear about her adorable boys.

Captured by Lucy


  1. Gorgeous photos. I can't believe the summer is nearly over! x

  2. Beautiful photos! It is sad to see the summer going but I'm looking forward to the Autumn months. I love the colours and crunchy leaves. I've subscribed to your YouTube channel :)

  3. Gorgeous photos. Ive subscribed to your channel, its nice to see the blogger behind the blog. I love autumn (except the weather!) and I cant wait for bonfire night, halloween and xmas. Have a lovely September x


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