Friday 15 May 2015

Siblings - May 2015

I love my "Big Sister" because she ...
- is funny
- rubs my tummy when it hurts
- runs to get a towel when milk slips out from my mouth
- makes me laugh
- sits next to me on the chair so I don't fall out
- shares her cuddly toys
- sings silly songs to me
- is my Best Friend

I love my "Baby Brother" because he ...
- holds my hand
- lets me put his clothes on my dollies
- allows me to play with his new toys and blanket
- smiles at me when I am sad
- lets me squeeze his cheeks
- dances with me
- is my Best Friend

I am so thankful that they love playing with each other and I am sure that "Little Brother" will be crawling after his sister very soon.

dear beautiful
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  1. Aww that's such a gorgeous shot - they sound wonderful siblings!

  2. What a lovely way to write this post 'I love my.... because....' just precious. Beautiful capture #siblings

  3. I think my ovaries just exploded! That is the cutest photo ever!!! Such a gorgeous post and wonderful for the two of them to have this when they grow up - proof they once looked after each other :) So lovely xx Thanks for linking up to #TheList xx


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