Wednesday 22 April 2015

{THE ORDINARY MOMENTS 15} Little Ladybug Growing Up

Last week a group of my fellow mummy bloggers were going through the emotional process of finding out where their children would be starting school in September.  I am very grateful that I have another year before I stay up until past midnight in hopes of finding out as soon as possible if we got our top school choice.  Even though my daughter is not heading off to Reception until September 2016, I still have been thinking alot about how quickly my daughter is growing up.
In February 2013, I went back to work after maternity leave and Little Ladybug started attending day nursery full-time. Dropping her off every morning was very hard and really missed her sweet face during the day. She started out as a Caterpillar. She enjoyed crawling around and learning how to walk and then run.

Then by Summer 2013, she was becoming a Ladybird.  At this point, she was running and playing outside.  She loved having cuddles with me and playing with her Daddy. She had picnics in the backyard with Daddy and loved playing with building blocks.  She made me smile even on the saddest days.  
In Spring 2014, Little Ladybug became a Bumblebee.  Life at nursery was busier and more areas to explore. Participated in science experiments and enjoyed riding the tricycles in the garden. Only attend a couple mornings a week so had lots more time with me at home. We started to do baking on a weekly basics and loved painting.   
Now Little Ladybug is a Butterfly and preparing to fly away to School in Fall 2016.  She has friends that she loves playing with regularly and loves talking about the "days of the week". We are still working on counting and letters. She is not afraid of trying new activities or playing with older children. She loves cars/trains but also playing with her cuddly toys (her "babies").
My sweet daughter continues to grow up. We now have interesting conversations about the world around her. She makes up stories and songs for us and her brother. She amazes me everyday with her loving heart and brain. 

Love You and You Will Always Be My Baby Girl!

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  1. Oh look how beautiful she is! They really do grow so fast and LP is off to school in September, a few days after her 4th Birthday. It's flown by x

  2. Aw a lovely post , she is gorgeous. I remember when my oldest started school she seemed so small and i remember being so worried but she loved it x #sharewithme

  3. Oh so beautiful. I love this post and lovely all the gorgeous snapshots of your princesses. They really do grow up way too fast don't they? Bless. It's flying by for us too. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme


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