Sunday 22 March 2015

The Week at LadyBug Home 2015 11/52

Sunday, March 15th - Saturday, March 21st, 2015

Sunday was Mothering Sunday in the UK.  Since I am originally from the USA, I get another Mother's Day in May.  We normally always try to go visit my in-laws on Mothering Sunday to celebrate my Mother-in-Law.  I am extremely lucky that I have an amazing mother but also mother-in-law.  Since my in-laws live an hour drives away from us, this was Bumblebee Boy's first visit to their home. He slept quietly in the backseat until about 5 minutes left of the journey and then he was very tearful. He got some extra cuddles and milk from me on arrival.  My mother-in-law's Sunday dinner is so yummy.  Maybe someday I will take the time to learn but it always extremely good.  Little Ladybug (LL) was not feeling very well.  She played a new game with her cousin, auntie and uncle but did not eat much.  She received a belated (due to not visiting since birth of Bumblebee Boy) xmas present of bike.  She will have fun riding it this summer.   We had a yummy Chocolate & Hazelnut Cheesecake after dinner.  My favourite and could gladly eat one all by myself.

On Monday, LL was still really unwell.  She really just wanted to sleep and cuddles with Mommy.  We stayed around the house and watched Pippa Pig and discovered other new shows.  Lots of cuddles and little ones stayed in their pyjamas all day.
Tuesday was another day around the house.  LL was feeling at little better but stayed at home from nursery. Read "Ten Little Monkeys" to read over and over again. LL is currently working on learning to count to 10.
On Wednesday, LL went back to nursery for the morning. It was photo day and it was requested the children bring wellies for a "spring garden" photo theme.  She was not feeling 100%.  Bumblebee Boy (BB) spent the morning laying on my lap as a worked on blogging. We listened to music on the radio and had lots of fun dancing around the room. Love that soft baby head.  LL came home and we had lots of snuggles.  Fun crafts kits arrived for Easter crafting from Yellow Moon.
On Thursday, we had a lunch date in town and then came home for cuddles on the couch.  LL woke up on Friday feeling lots better.  She was back to make lots of mess with toys but it was lovely seeing she feeling better.
Saturday started with building castles. LL and I worked on sorting through her toys.  She decided that playing in the toy box was lots of fun.  Lunch at our favourite mexican restaurant and playing with Daddy in the afternoon.  It was movie night but LL fell asleep early.  BB enjoyed sitting on Daddy's lap and watching Iron Man.

It is time to start decorating for Easter/Spring.  I need to finish some felt Easter ornaments to send to my mother for bunting.

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  1. Two Mother's Days????? Oooh you are lucky! Gorgeous photos - looks like there's a lot of sibling love there :)

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx


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