Saturday 5 April 2014

LadyBug Home & Designs 1st Retail Stall

I have not posted a new blog post the last couple weeks because I was busy preparing for LadyBug Home & Designs' 1st selling event at a Pamper Night at a local First (Elementary) School in Berkhamsted.  I was invited to have a stall by the talented Natasha from Nevie-Pie Cakes. The event was on Thursday, March 28th.

This was a great opportunity to start creating all the hair accessories and earrings that I have been designing in my head for ages.  The last 7 months, I have purchased many fun craft items to start creating items for MadeByLadybugHome shop. 

The Preparation:

I had many late nights using the hot gun to create some fun new bows and hair accessories.  I also spent time organising my ribbon and button collection.  My first job was take all the 3/8 ribbon and cut into 3 yard lengths for selling. Most of my ribbon was purchased in 5 yard length so now I have a couple bags of ribbon "scraps" that are perfect in creating new bow designs.

I had a little helper in my preparation for the event. She got chicken pox the week before the event so I had a couple extra days at home with her.  My daughter had lots of fun playing with my buttons.  Below is my daughter sorting the buttons back in the jars.  She decided to empty 4 pre-sorted jars of buttons and mix them up for me.  Unfortunately, she did this several times during the preparation week and we are still finding buttons under the dining table.  

She was also very helpful putting together the glitter hair slides.  She would match all the pieces together and then I would do the gluing.  She enjoyed her before bedtime crafting.

The day before the event, Little LadyBug was helping me put the 3/8 ribbon in the basket for display.

The final night before event was very busy.  My husband had to get involved in the last minute preparation. The buttons were sorted into glass jars with ribbon details and the 3/8 ribbon was sorted into basket (cutlery tray from Laura Ashley)

This the amazing book that I donated for the raffle.  I imported it from the USA because it is not being released until April 10th and I could not wait to look at all the amazing photos and ideas.  Just wish that I actually knew how to bake a cake. It will be good for future baking attempts. 

The LadyBug Home & Designs Stall

I was really nervous when I was laying out my stall.  My neighbour was the lovely Joanne from The Flint House.  We had lots of fun talking and there was an amazing curry dinner available for purchase.

I met some really nice buyers and sold some ribbon, hair slides, and hair bows.  I am no longer a "Stall Virgin" and will have more confidence for the next stall opportunity.  

A highlight of the night was finally getting to meet Marie from Heartfelt Handmade.  I have several cherished items that she made in my house. She gave me some words of wisdom before the event and after promoted several of my items on Facebook. It has a been really exciting last week as my "Likes" on Facebook Page has grown from 32 likes to 67.  I will post details photos of new items for sale on Facebook and Etsy soon.

Best Wishes,
LadyBug Home & Designs


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