Wednesday 5 March 2014

Rainbow Fairy Magic Wand Tutorial

In honour of World Book Day on Thursday, March 6th, 2014, I made two rainbow fairy wands.

The first wand was inspired by "Isla the Ice Star Fairy" book by Daisy Meadows. Available from LadyBug Home Amazon shop.

The 2nd wand was for my little girl (aka LadyBug Rainbow Fairy).

Glue gun (low temperature) 
Plastic or wooden stick
3/8 ribbon (any pattern for stick and rainbow colours)
Glitter card stock


Wand Handle
- I reused a hard plastic straw that was originally the stick for hairband lollipop probably from the dollar store in the US.  Look around your house for a stick option or wooden cake lollipop sticks. 
1.  Starting at one end and start hot gluing (low temperature setting works fine) a piece of 3/8 inch ribbon around the stick starting at the top and working your way down diagonally.
2.  Put a line of glue on about a inch of the ribbon and wrap the ribbon diagonally around the stick by tightly holding the section of ribbon past the hot glue section. Don't worry if glue squeezing out between the ribbon seams.  Just wait a few seconds until the glue cools and then pick the excess glue off.  It is better to have extra glue than too little and the ribbon unattached.
3.  When you get to the bottom of the stick trim the ribbon so you just a small piece.  You can heat seal the ribbon to prevent fraying or my suggestion is to put some glue on this end piece and gently press down. Then pick off the extra glue.   

Glitter Star
1. Find a star template.  I used one of the daughter play dough cooking cutters.  
2. Trace the star shape onto the back of the glitter card stock close to a corner.
3. Fold the card stock in half so that you can cut two stars a the same time. 
4. I would mark a "x" on one of the points on the back of both stars so it is easier to match up.  (I did not do this and glued the star incorrectly on the LadyBug wand.  It required a little extra trimming when glued so the back sides was not seen.)

Ribbon Rainbow
1.Cut equal length pieces of 3/8 ribbon to create the rainbow (You could also use 1 or 2 pieces of 7/8 rainbow ribbon.)
2. Gthered all the ribbon together and cut a diagonal cut on the bottom the all the ribbon at the same time.
3. Put a dot glue on front side of the first piece of unfinished ribbon end and lined up the second ribbon piece on top.  Continue until the last piece is glued down. 

Almost Done
Time to glue all the pieces together.  Don't be afraid to use tons of glue at this time.
1. Glue the wand and ribbon to the backside of the back star.
2. Now cover the end of the wand, ribbon and inside of the back star with tons of glue.
3. Align up the front star and squeeze the stars together.  I found that I needed to put more glue inside the opening near the ribbon and wand.
4. Take scissors and trim the stars so you don't see any of the backing of the matching stars.
5. If you happy that the rainbow ribbon tails are even than seal the ends.  (Can use a flame or clear nail polish)

My LadyBug Rainbow Fairy enjoying her wand. (Even took a nap with it on Monday) A couple of her friends got to use it too.

Here is the 7/8 ribbon that I originaly thought I was going to use.  Please visit the Etsy - LadyBug Home & Design shop for this ribbon and other options.

Warning:  I used the "high temperate setting on my glue when I started making the Ice Fairy wand and badly burned my thumb.  Read this advice about using a glue gun.  If you do get burned, cold water immediately.  Let the glue completely cool and then it has been suggested to use olive oil to gently remove the harden glue.  Removing to much skin will cause infection to get into the wound.  Good luck!

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