Monday 16 October 2017

Joy of Dancing - Share the Joy Linky

This week's 'Share the Joy' theme is Dancing. We are days away from half-term school break and everyone in my home is tired. The weather keeps fluctuating from warm to cold and we all fighting off the sickness bugs that we are constantly getting exposed too. So must say that we are not the most cheerful household these days. On those tough days when it just seems life is just to hard there is one way that always brings laughter and smiles back into to our lives... dancing.  

It is not unusual for my husband or I to grab our phone and start playing a random song to stop the madness in our home. My children's favourite song is "Happy" by Pharrell Williams and instantly makes them start dancing.  The tears or grumpiness melts away and smiles appear on all our faces.

Big Sister has always loved dancing to music. I remember when she was 9 months old and she watched "Strictly Come Dancing" for the first time. She heard the title music and she started bouncing up and down. We love Saturday nights during the Autumn Nights when we attempt to waltz, tango, or jive around the living room. Big Sister always wants to try the dance lifts that she sees on Strictly. My poor back! These days, Little Brother also dances around the room and it is rather good dancing with his Big Sister. Big Sister and I decided this last Saturday that we need glitter dancing shoes for future Saturday night dancing. I hope that we always have music and dancing in our home.  

Do you enjoy watching Strictly Come Dancing? Do you dance around your home? What is your favourite dance song?


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