Monday 8 May 2017

Life Update May 2017 on Ladybug Home YouTube

April 2017 was a month filled with lots of quality family time. Many hugs from my parents as they visited from the USA. We visited several local towns and prepared for Easter with crafting. We made several of my favourite Mother's recipes. I have shared on Ladybug Home YouTube Channel a little more details about what is happening around the LadyBug Home in April.  
These days my biggest project is focusing on the Christmas Magic Today blog. I feel extremely blessed that three of my favourite bloggers have agreed to join me at Christmas Magic Today to publish new content and share in the excitement as we prepare for Christmas 2017. We have also started a new collaboration video series with "Weekly Christmas Questions" on the Christmas Magic Today's YouTube Channel. We would love for new blogger and vloggers to join in as we countdown to Christmas 2017.

Below is "Hello May" 2017 Life Update:

I would love for you to join me over on Ladybug Home YouTube Channel monthly for my Life Updates.

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