Friday 28 April 2017

Beauty and the Beast Book Collection - Parragon Books Review

In honour of the recent cinema release of Disney's Beauty and the Beast, we were sent the Disney Beauty and the Beast: Write, Inspire, Create book and Disney Beauty and the Beast: Book of the Film. Both of these books are aimed at 8 - 12 years old.
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Disney Beauty and the Beast: Write, Inspire, Create is written to inspire young writers. There are many different writing prompts to encourage the most beginner writer to create literary masterpieces. This book will help your child create stores, diary entries, and imagine being in the enchanted castle with Belle and the Beast.

There are many writing prompts to encourage creative writing. There is a dice that have either "place" or "character" ideas for your child use as inspiration to the setting for a story and whom should be the main or supporting characters.

I counted over 50 different writing prompts that encourage different themes and ways to develop a story. There are activities that focus on character development, writing poetry, creating conversations between characters, love and scary stories, brainstorming words for characteristics of hero and villains or imagining the sounds and smells of the Beast's castle.

My 5 years old daughter would not be able to truly use this book at the moment due to her lower level of writing skills but we could the writing prompts for imaginative play or creative activities.  I am sure she will truly enjoy this book in the future.

The Disney Beauty and the Beast: Book of the Film is a 249 pages long and compliments the movie. We previously saw the new cinema release of Beauty and the Beast and this book does capture the clever dialogue between Belle and the Beast. It also explains some of the unspoken themes of the movie. I enjoyed reading several chapters of this book and understanding a little more depth the developing love between Belle and the Beast.

The chapters are on average between 10-14 pages and very quick reading. I feel the perfect length for bedtime reading for your child. I keep finding myself reading a chapter when I have a few minutes and not wanting to stop. I do look forward to reading this to my daughter in the near future.

I really appreciate that the book and movie focuses on Belle shows a love for reading and sharing passion for reading with children. She wants to travel the world. I truly believe that Disney made an effort to make Belle a more modern character for little girls these days.

We were sent this book as part Book Buddies Program with Parragon Books. All reviews are honest and my own words.

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