Monday 2 January 2017

Weekly Life Updates 2017 on Ladybug Home YouTube

During Summer 2016, I decided to start filming weekly "life updates" for the Ladybug Home YouTube Channel. These weekly life updates were a chance to take a few minutes each week to record what had happen the past week around our home, share some of our family adventures, and interesting new discoveries (books, strollers, artwork, etc.) I am always grateful when friends stop by to watch these updates but also know that my mother loves watching them. Life can get very busy and I don't always have uninterrupted time to talk to my parents each week. This is great way to share life moments with them.
Below is my 1st Life Update of 2017. I am working on finalising life and blogging goals for 2017 and will be sharing with my viewers the next couple weeks. I would love to know if any of my readers are doing weekly life updates or vlogging their lives. Please comment below if if you have any questions that you like me to answer on a future life update.


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