Saturday 15 October 2016

Halloween Crafting 2016 - #SpooktacularCraft

A couple weeks ago we received a box from Viking. Little LadyBug (LL) enjoyed opening the box and discovering the craft supplies that we were sent for some quick and easy Halloween crafting projects. The box contained: lollipops, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, yarn (black, orange and white), white marker pen, glue stick, coloured tissue paper and several patterned scissors.

These days after school, LL is rather tired and so we decided on a couple quick Halloween themed craft projects that could be done easily and quickly.


When I was younger, my mother often used white fabric and ribbon to create ghost lollipops. I was really excited to show LL this very easy but fun project. The first step was to use the craft scissors to cut a pile of squares from the white tissue paper. She then put the lollipop in the middle of a pile of 3 pieces of square tissue paper and wrapped the tissue paper around the head of the lollipop. You can use ribbon but it was very easy to wrap a black pipe cleaner under the lollipop's stick. LL enjoyed drawing a smiley face on the ghost lollipop.

Then it was time to create some pumpkin lollipops. The process is very similar but you want the lollipop to be able to stand up so use a coin at the base. We used some orange tissue paper squares with a coin centred in the middle and then positioned the lollipop. We pull up and wrap the tissue paper around the handle of the lollipop before securing with a green pipe cleaner. A cheerful face was needed to be drawn on by LL. These make perfect treats to give out to trick-or-treaters or at Halloween children party.


Viking included in the box some black card stock paper, a white paint pen and some googly eyes. The glue stick was optional because googly eyes had sticky backs. These were exactly what we needed to create some hanging bats.

To make the bat's body, we started by folding black card stock in half and then traced LL's and Little Brother's hand on the card along the folded edge. Their thumb shape creates bat ears and the other fingers the wings. LL used the patterned craft scissors to cut the hand shape out. The googly eyes had sticky backs so we simply pealed off the paper and LL positioned the eyes. She used the white pen to create the smiling mouth and nose.

Little Brother also was able to secure the eyes on his bat but LL helped draw the mouth. He did create cheeks and even drew on LL's bat. She very sweetly did not mind.


This project is more designed for older children or adults. I wanted to try creating pumpkin shapes but using a balloon and yarn covered in glue. I have previously tried this process to create balls to use to cover fairy lights for Christmas but the trickiest part is find the right balloons. You need balloons that create round shape in different sizes. I purchased a package of Halloween balloons for £1.

I personally like to either use small smooth rocks or a coin taped near the balloon's knot to weigh down the balloon slightly. I found it helps the balloon from rolling around while drying. I blew up the balloons to preferred sizes. I used white glue with a little bit of water added. I would suggest creating a dozen or so lengths of yarn before starting glue. I made bundles of yarn by wrapping the yarn around my hand about 15 times. Once you start gluing the yarn on the balloon, your hands will get really sticky so best to have some yarn pre-cut. I lightly dipped the yarn in the glue and then started wrapping around the balloon. I normally start the yarn length at the base where the balloon is knotted. I just kept wrapping lengths of yard around the balloon until most the balloon was covered.

I allowed the balls to dry over night and then popped the balloons. I added some green pipe cleaners for stem and vines on the orange pumpkins.

I also wanted to use the black yard to create a unique pumpkin. I added glitter to this pumpkin. I prefer using glitter glue instead of loose glitter. I found with children in the house that glitter glue is safer and easier to clean up. I mixed purple, gold and silver in the white craft glue and followed the same procedures as the orange pumpkins. I had previously purchased some silver and purple pipe cleaners to create the stem and vines.

I am thinking of using the white yarn to create a snowman for Christmas this year or maybe will try again to create little balls for covering fairy or Christmas lights.

Thank you for joining us today to hear about our Halloween craft projects using items from Vikings. If you want to these projects more in depth, please watch the below video.
What is your favourite Halloween crafting project? How would you use the craft supplies provided by Viking?

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  1. These look very professional! I particularly love the little pumpkins. So cute! Thanks for linking with #SchoolsOut

    1. Thank you for your kind words. Enjoyed doing this Halloween crafting this year.

  2. Wow this looks ace! We had a pumpkin party last year and this would have been perfect! Don't think I can handle one this year though with two!! Really great pictures! Thanks so much for joining us. Hope to see you next time! #SchoolsOut.

    1. Thank you for commenting. I must admit it is always challenging trying to craft with two little sets of hands. Even hard to try to photograph the process. I must admit that I do lots of prep when children are at school or napping so I am fully prepared for crafting sessions. Thank you for hosting #SchoolsOut


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