Thursday 16 June 2016

Surprise Indoor Picnic Lunch - National Picnic Week

June 11 - 19th, 2016, is National Picnic Week and we have been wishing for sunshine so we could have a picnic in the backyard. Unfortunately, we are having a typical British early summer weather with burst of sunshine but mostly rain and clouds. 
Ladybug Home - National Picnic Week
My daughter loves having a picnic and especially if it inside on the living room floor where she can invite all your cuddly friends. I thought I would surprise her with picnic lunch. My sweet husband took my Daughter and Son off to the grocery store while I quickly headed to the kitchen to create food that would be perfect for little hands. 

Ladybug Home - National Picnic Week
The magic of a picnic with children is that they don't need fancy cakes or drink but just love eating food that small and easy to eat with their fingers.
Ladybug Home - National Picnic Week
On the menu was cucumber with cream cheese and cheese wraps cut into bite-size portions with slices of cucumber. On a plate was Thomas J Fudge's Piquant Cheese & Peppercorn Crackers with cheddar cheese and plum cherry tomatoes. Dishes of blueberries and raspberries. For sweet treat was Thomas J Fudge's Wondrous White Chocolate Florentines.

Picnic Blanket, Plates & Napkins
We used an ice cream themed tablecloth that my mother sent from America to sit on but you can use towels, blankets or a PVC covered messy mat. The plates were purchased at Asda for less than a £1 each. I am always picking up fun inexpensive paper plates and napkins at Poundland or grocery store because they are always handy for picnic to the park or afternoon tea party at home.
Ladybug Home - National Picnic Week

I invited Harry and Jenny dolls from Bigjigs Toy company. As soon as my Daughter saw the surprise picnic, she wanted to invite many more cuddly toys to join us. This is a wonderful way spending an afternoon.
Ladybug Home - National Picnic Week
My Daughter loved her surprise picnic lunch and kept saying "Really Good Picnic". These are the moments from her childhood that I hope she will remember. I have fond memories have sitting on the living room floor when I was little having a tea party with my Mother and siblings after school.

I was kindly gifted the Piquant Cheese & Peppercorn Crackers and Wondrous White Chocolate Florentines from Thomas J Fudge's as an extra treat for #NationalPicnicWeek. The Piquant Cheese & Peppercorn Crackers were crisp and flavourable. The Wondrous White Chocolate Florentines were so yummy. The taste was buttery and white chocolate was delicious. There is 8 Florentines in a box but one or two each  per person is perfect amount for afternoon tea or picnic in the park.


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