Wednesday 16 March 2016

DIY Easy Bunny Decoration with Laura Ashley Wallpaper and Paint

The spring flowers are blooming and it is time to add some spring colours to your home. The new Spring/Summer Collection at Laura Ashley has inspired me to create a quick and easy project in preparation for the visit from the Easter Bunny. I wanted to create a decorative item that would be a quick and budget-friendly project. I created a home decor item using a paper mache bunny shape and a couple of my favourite Laura Ashley wallpapers and paint.
For this project, I used a two pieces of Laura Ashley wallpaper and sample pot of paint. The cost of the paint and paper mache bunny for project cost me less than £10. Laura Ashley's range of paints coordinate with their wallpaper collections. I chose to use Chalk Pink paint with Abbeville Pink Wallpaper and Geranium Pale Topaz Green Floral Wallpaper. Both this wallpapers have elements of the chalk pink colour included in their flower designs.


Easter Paper Mache Bunny Decoration 13.5 cm (Hobbycraft)
Geranium Pale Topaz Green Floral Wallpaper (Laura Ashley)
Abbeville Pink/Natural Floral Wallpaper (Laura Ashley)
Water Based Paint, Chalk Pink (Laura Ashley)
Scissors, Pen, Craft Glue & Paint Brush


Traced the bunny shape onto the wallpaper. I aligned the bunny shape on the Abbeville Pink wallpaper so that a flower would act as pink nose and flower as a pink tail. This bunny is facing right.

I aligned the Geranium Pale Topaz Green Floral Wallpaper so bunny was facing left and use the flower details on the ears and lower half of the bunny.


Painted the edges of the paper mache bunny with Chalk Pink Paint. A sample pot is perfect for this project. Painted outside and dried in the sunshine.


Cut out bunny shapes from wallpaper. Lay cutout on bunny shape and trim the paper until the exact shape of the paper mache bunny.  


Use some craft glue to cover back of wallpaper bunny with thin layer of glue. Depending on glue, you may want a wait a few seconds to allow the glue to become tacky. Gently align wallpaper bunny on paper mache shape. A damp cloth can remove any excess glue on edges or on wallpaper. 
Enjoy your new bunny decoration. This is a quick project to do during children's naptime or during the evening with a cup of tea.  

I hope you enjoyed this quick and budget-friendly bunny craft project. This not a collaboration post but does contain affiliate links. I would love to hear all about your new Easter or Spring craft projects below. 



  1. This is super cute! I like how you have placed the flowers on the bunny, it is very effective. #homeetc

  2. Beautiful craft project, I love it! So cute!
    Thanks for stopping by, hugs Biljana

  3. Oh that's such a cute and lovely idea!! Steph xxx #HomeEtc

  4. Such a great craft project! Love it, so cute :) Thanks for sharing and linking up. Jess xx



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