Thursday 11 February 2016

Vlog Stars #9 - "3 Life Goals and 3 Work Goals 2016"

This month, I am linking up with Aby from You Baby Me Mummy and Amy from Mr and Mrs T Plus Three for Vlog Stars #9. This month topic is "3 Life Goals and 3 Work Goals 2016". Bumblebee Boy joined me in filming. Apologise for his crazy hair but check out Little Ladybug's clean room.

We also joined in Aby and Amy for #VlogStars #5 "A Little Bit of Everything", #6 "Facts & Favourites" and shared Little LadyBug's birth story for #7 "Share a Story".

Why not join us in March 2016 (2nd Thursday) with your video. The topic is "5 Things You Cannot Live Without and One Thing You Could".
Mr and Mrs T Plus Three

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