Monday 14 December 2015

On the Second Day of #12DaysOfParenting 2015

"On the Second Day of Christmas - My List to Santa This Year" is the today's topic for #12DaysOfParenting. Welcome to my blog if you are hopping over from Joanna Victoria Blog.
If I was writing a letter to Santa today it would be very different that several years ago before my sweet children were born. Becoming a mother has completely changed my life for the better.
This year I would like:

Happy & Healthy Children - I hope both my children are feeling well so they can enjoy opening presents and extra treats.  Last year, Little LadyBug (LL) was poorly around Christmas. She was just fighting a winter cold but she put on a smile and tried to enjoy the Christmas festivities. We had some cuddles and an afternoon nap on Christmas Day. 

Morning Cuddles - I wish to be able to sleep late one lazy weekend but it will probably be many more years before my children are old enough to allow me to stay in bed until mid-morning. I would settle for quiet morning cuddles without a child trying to jump up and down on the bed.

Time - I wish for more time in the day to focus on personal goals but also to just spend quality stress-free time with my children while they are little. Most of my day is spent trying to balance multiple responsibilities or tasks.  I am always trying to bundle household tasks with playing with the children. I am horrible about carrying around my phone constantly to catch moments when daughter is playing with her toys and my baby boy is napping on my lap so I can check my social media accounts or research information for a blog post. Time is just flying quicker the older I get.

Organised Home - I wish for a home that is clean and organised. I spend too much time daily searching for matching socks or trying to find that missing toy or crafting item. I wish Santa's helpers could play with the children while I clean or create some Christmas magic.

Hugs from My Family - I would love to jump in Santa's sleigh and visit my family in the USA. We hope to spend Christmas in the States in the near future but I still miss my mother's and father's hugs on Christmas. My mother's christmas tree is truly magical every year!

I feel very blessed to have a warm home filled with loving family and festive foods this and every year. I hope your Christmas is filled with lots of love and festive fun.  Please head over to Adventures of a Novice Mum to hear all about her 2015 Holiday Hopes.

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