Friday 6 November 2015

LadyBug Home & Designs' Top 10 Favourite Children Crafting Blogs

We in the LadyBug Home are always looking for fun items to keep us busy during rainy days inside or hot summer days.  I love making lists crafting blogs for inspiration and below is a list 10 of my favourite blogs. Have fun exploring!

In the Playroom is a blog of Anna whom lives in London and is raising 3 boys. Some of favourite activities are her Dinosaurs made with Bubblewrap, Tape Resisted Clown Fish and Rainbow Vision Glasses are amazing. Anna is a very creative lady and enjoy seeing what she creates next.

Let's Do Something Crafty is the blog of Jess that has two creative daughters. I love that this blog is filled with colourful and unique craft items. A couple of the projects that I love the most are the DIY Cardboard Clock, Locket Necklaces, and Binoculars. I definitely think my daughter would love to make some binoculars for her next exploration into our backyard.

I Heart Naptime is brilliant blog by Jamielyn living in Arizona. I could honestly spend hours looking through this blog. The new Lacing Cards  project is perfect for teaching little ones to sew. She features lots of amazing projects from other blogs and there is some great "free" printable like the ABC Wall Art or the Popsicle Match that makes me want to run out and get craft sticks supplies. The recipes on this blog look some yummy but definitely going to try the recipe for Handmade Tortilla Chips.

Handmade Charlotte is a written by Rachel a very talented lady and mother of 5 children. So many crafts to love but how cute is the Animal Belt Buddies or Cereal Box Mail Carrier Bag!  Fun Print & Play Nature Bingo will keep the children busy for hours in the woods. The Ice Cream Sundae Cupcakes are adorable and not actually made with ice cream!

 The Pleasantest Thing is the blog of Carolyn. She features very clever "I Spy Games" for different holidays but my favourite is the "Back to School I Spay Game". The Good Night Moon Sensory Bear and Lorax Sensory Bottle would be loved by my Baby Son.
Little Monster is the blog of Lisa whom is a graphic artistic and love the fact her son magically appears in a miniature version in the photos of her projects. I love the tutorial for Upcycled Racing Cars made out of toilet paper rolls and includes printable car decals. The another project that show her creative talent is the Puppy Matching Party.

Crafty Morning is the creative hub for Michelle and has tons of fun ideas for kids crafts that are budget-friendly and often uses items that you have around the home. Love her idea to use celery and paint for Celery Stamping Rainbow Fish project. With paper, toilet paper roll and a little string you can make a Spinning 3D Hot Air Balloon. This would be very cute in a nursery or children's room.

Babble DabbleDo is the blog of Ana in Sunny California. She is an architect, furniture design and a Mother to 3. This blog is filled with lots of colour crafts that focus on art, design and science. Her blog is filled with colours and love the Rainbow Spin Mixing Project or the Tie Dye Gift Wrap would be perfect for creating special Birthday or Christmas gifts.

Happiness is Homemade is the blog of Heidi whom is Homeschool Teacher and lives in Northern California with her 3 boys and husband. The blog is filled with fun printable and tutorials for children crafting. My daughter loves being a Super Hero and Heidi's DIY Personalized Superhero Cape made a T-Shirt is so easy to make. Would make a great party favour for a child's birthday party. The "Eat, Drink & Be Thankful" Printable would be a great addition to the kitchen wall this Autumn season.

The last but not least blog is Meri Cherry's blog. Mother of two girls and she has filled this blog with lot of fun ideas. My daughter is always bring home sticks on our walks to town and would love the Chalk Nature Painting project. I love her 10 Arts Secrets Every Parent Should Know but list is now grown to 15 "Secrets".

Those are a few of my favourite crafting blog/websites to visit. I often share my favourite craft tutorials on LadyBug Home & Designs Facebook page.

What is your favourite crafting websites for inspiration?

Thank you for visiting today!

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Top 10 Favourite Children Crafting Blogs



  1. This is a great list. I want to do lots of crafts, but I'm really rubbish at making time for it, so maybe this will help! #TheList

    1. Thank you Ruth for commenting. I have so many crafting "wish list" to leading up to Christmas. I agree that is very a hard to make time for crafting. Best wishes!


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