Thursday 5 November 2015

Fireworks Painting at LadyBug Home

Happy Bonfire Night! Happy Guy Fawkes Day! Happy Fireworks Night! Since I did not grow up in England, I am new to the excitement for November 5th. It seems that fireworks started exploding around England a week before November 5th and continues a week after. We took our daughter and son to their 1st Firework Show on October 25th, 2015. 
I was not going to take my children to a bonfire or firework show today but I wanted to do a fun craft project to celebrate the day. My daughter LOVES to paint! So making pictures that were inspired by fireworks was the plan of the day.

- Paints
- Black paper
- Scissors
- Toilet paper or paper towel cardboard tubes
- Plastic cups (optional)

My daughter could easily use paint everyday for craft projects. My top tip for using paints with babies and children is assembling all the supplies together before starting the project. When my daughter was younger and liked to use her hands/feet to paint, I always put a large flatten box on the floor as the work surface with tons of packs of paper wipes ready for clean up. Since my daughter is a little older and uses paint brushes, I now use a plastic table cloth on her coffee table as the work surface.
I cut the paper towel tubes into three pieces and toilet tubes in half to create multiple pieces. I then cut strips into tubes to create fringe. Older children can do the cutting of the fringe and it does not matter if the cuts are exactly equal widths. You can cut different width of fringe into the tubes to vary the paint imprints.  Bend back the fridge and then it is time start dipping into the paint. My daughter had fun stamping lots of different colours on black paper.

I did try using the plastic cups to create additional fringed stamps but the plastic was to thin to keep its shape while stamping. Using a paper cup may be another option to try to use to create firework bursts.

Another example of this firework painting method that I discovered on Pinterest is by Heidi of Happiness is Homemade.
Little Brother tried to help with painting and ended up with orange paint in his hair. We had a fun time painting and would do this painting method again in the future.

Happy Painting!

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