Friday 6 March 2015

Sunshine, OskKosh B'Gosh, and Cross Stitch #LittleLoves

This week has been focused on blogging, crafting, and spending time with my two loving children.  I have a daily struggle between trying to learning new skills in the blogging world but also remembering to put down my phone or iPad to give my children my complete attention.  There are moments when I am distracted looking at my phone and missing my daughter using her imagination to have a conversation with her bears.  I need work on balancing personal goals with motherhood.


I continue to read lots of interesting blogs about motherhood but I also have found a couple blogs on creating beautiful things for the home.

My favourite blog that I discovered this week was Flamingo Toes.  There are tutorials for all the items below on the website.  


Daughter discovered Peppa Pig toys at the new toy store in town and so we have watched many episodes of Peppa Pig on Amazon Prime this last week.  The shows are actually quite cute.


It is so much more fun to buy clothes for children.  I am very luck that my parents send OshKosh B'Gosh for my children.
I saw a pair of pink converse trainers in the window in town and got really tempted.  Are you ever too old for converse trainers?
My daughter told me that she needs a pink pair also.  May need to be our Easter present this year.


Laughter from daughter playing with her brother.  Silence of the night when feeding son at 4 am.  They are my "sunshine". 

I finished a cross stitch for my daughter.  It was suppose to be her Valentine's gift but a little late.  She help chose the colours for the dress.  I used a pattern from tinymodernist.  Now time to start a "spring" cross stitch and Easter felt bunting.

I created my first link party on my blog in honour of Mothering Sunday.  Love for people to link up their photos or stories about motherhood.

Goodbye from LadyBug Home


  1. Your cross stitch looks lovely. I'm sure your daughter will be thrilled. I am still on the lookout for a big project to start but there is just too much choice!
    You're never too young or too old for converse, and if they're pink all the better x #littleloves

    1. Thank you for your support to buy pink converse. Now just need to convince husband. Have a good weekend!

  2. I love my white leather converse - never too old!! Love Osh Kosh clothing, my auntie in NYC use to send them to us when we were small! Live the cross stitch. Hope you have a lovely weekend xxx

  3. Ah I got my Converse fakes last week so I know where you're coming from! The cross stitch is so cute. I'm not very crafty so I'm looking for cute decorations for my kids room online. I need something with pirates! Have a great weekend X #littleloves

  4. Your cross stitch is wonderful! How good does it feel to finish a project? I will definitely be looking up Flamingo Toes. What an amazing find! NEVER too old for Converse!!!! x

  5. Your cross-stitch looks lovely and I agree with the others, I don't think you're ever too old for Converse! xx

  6. I loved cross stitching when I was younger! memories!! You are never too old for converse, fact ;) x

  7. I love Converse and so do my girls, you're never to old or too young in my opinion.Your cross stitch is so cute, I never had the patience to finish projects like that so I'm rather envious! Have a lovely week xx


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