Tuesday 24 February 2015


The lovely Katie at Mummy Daddy Me has inspired me to start documenting the "ordinary moments" of my family.  

In the last couple months there have been several moments that have been extraordinary.  The birth of my Bumblebee Boy on December 9th will be a day that I will never forget.  Little Ladybug's 3rd birthday was very special because we were celebrating her birthday but also spending time with the amazing children and adults that came into our lives because of her.  Another extraordinary moment was when Bumblebee Boy smiled at me for the first time.  I hope I never forget his sweet baby smile and him winking at me.

Since we have new baby in the house, we have spent most of the last couple months at home.  The moments at home could be considered ordinary but these are some of my favourite memories.  I loved watching as my daughter and son have started to interact and respond to each other.

The "big sister" has loved having a "baby" in the house.  I may have carried him around in my tummy for almost 39 weeks but she says he is her "baby".  She wants him to be there when she falls asleep and she ask for immediately when she wakes up. She helped me wash his hair for the first time and held his hand when he had his first immunisations.  She loves to take a nap right next to him and kisses him on his head when he is sleeping.

My Bumblebee Boy loves his "Big Sister".  He has loved her even before he was born.  Whenever I would start worrying that he was not moving enough in my tummy, I would ask Little Ladybug to talk to him and she would say "wakey wakey".  He would often start wiggling.  When they officially met for the first time, I could tell that he recognised her voice and immediately started looking for her.  He often looks around for her and wants to see what she is doing.  He thinks she is very funny and often starts smiling at her.  Recently they have loved holding hands and dancing with each other.  I think he will learn to crawl and walk earlier than his sister did so he can follow her around.  I love the way their eyes light-up when they see each other.

I am so grateful for my beautiful babies and look forward to "ordinary moments" everyday.




  1. Such gorgeous photos! I had my boy when my daughter was four, and it is so lovely seeing the beginning of a sibling relationship.

  2. Aww, they look so cute together. You can just see what a loving and proud big sister she is, and how her little brother is admiring her. They are so adorable together :)

  3. Oh What a beautiful post and beautiful photos. They look like they love each other so much already- what a proud big sister. The relationship between my girl's is one of my favourite parts of being a Mummy. x

    1. Thank you for your sweet words. The pictures of your beautiful girls make me smile. Love your blog. Xxxx


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